[Bug 719338] Re: [Xubuntu, Studio?, Lubuntu?] Disable automount

Colin Watson cjwatson at canonical.com
Thu Sep 6 11:15:00 UTC 2012

I strongly recommend that we change ubiquity, regardless of what the
desktop maintainers do.  Even if all in-archive flavours change their
configuration (which they may or may not want to do), we don't want to
end up accumulating support debt from derivatives who don't realise that
they need to do this to make the installer work.  ubiquity already has
plenty of different ways in which it attempts to disable automounting;
one more won't hurt.

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  [Xubuntu, Studio?, Lubuntu?] Disable automount

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  Binary package hint: ubiquity


  Ubiquity integrates with thunar-volman in Xfce 4.4 and 4.6 (Bug
  #107259). This was rather straightforward, because thunar-volman used
  to store its configuration in a simple rc file (read file, update
  entries if they exist, add them if they are missing, and restore them
  after the installation).

  However, in Xfce 4.8, thunar-volman moved to xfconf, which means that
  its conf is now in xml (yay for parsing!), and managed by xfconfd (so
  any manual edition of the conf will be overwritten by xfconfd).
  Unfortunately, there are no python bindings released/packaged for
  xfconf, so I'm not sure of the best way to do it...

  My skills in python are not that great, so I used a test script (instead of patching ubiquity directly), so I could test more easily.
  What it does:
  * read the previous stored user config, if it exists (if the user didn't change the settings, it won't).
  * launch xfconf-query with he correct options to disable automounting.
  * launch xfconf-query to restore the previous settings (either reset to the values set by the user, or reset to the system values if the stored config didn't exist).
  It uses minidom to parse the config, and then spawns xfconf-query several times using os.system (yeah, this is not that nice -- it's probably not very robust either, that's why I didn't provide a patch directly also).

  Feel free to improve it, or if you have any better way of doing that it'd be great.
  I can also do some testing if needed.

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