[Bug 830492] Re: Downloads should not lock apt

James Haigh James.R.Haigh at Gmail.com
Sun Nov 20 14:00:36 UTC 2011

> Great to hear that you work on a more general fix for apt-get.

As described in comment #5, I was originally planning to make a virtual
package server such that a list of files can be easily obtained from any
package manager just by directing it to the server. It would then
download them and place in /var/cache/apt/archives/, then you would try
again in the package manager which would have nothing to download. I was
going to wrap apt-get such that the retry is automatic. Then I noticed
that instead of wrapping apt-get, there are some Python APT bindings
available. And I was about to start reinventing parts of Aptdaemon.

So instead of using apt-get, I will use aptdcon and implement solutions
in Aptdaemon as described in comment #7.

After I have done this, I may still apply the virtual package server
idea as an Aptdaemon client. This may allow 'legacy' package managers
like Synaptic to /partially/ use Aptdaemon and allow concurrent
downloads/installs. Synaptic, however, will still require bug #80753 to
be fixed in this case.

> Download and install in parallel is currently progressing only slowly, during the current summer of code we got a new order algorithm that can now order the packages in a way that puts them together in groups that can be installed independently.

That's interesting. Are those groups equivalent to transactions?

> You linksed to "pacserve" which is quite interessting. Are you aware of the similar (but not quite the same) project "squid-deb-proxy" and "squid-deb-proxy-client" ?

No, I hadn't. My long-term aim is that more efficient downloads (from
LAN if available) can be achieved without configuring or messing around
with proxies/shared caches/local mirrors/etc.

So I'm preferring to contribute to Aptdaemon. It would be awesome if
Ubuntu has these Aptdaemon solutions out-of-the-box. I'm also thinking
that this is going to take a great deal of load off Ubuntu's servers
if/when this happens.

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  Downloads should not lock apt

Status in APT:
  Won't Fix
Status in Aptboost:
  In Progress
Status in The synaptic package manager:
  Won't Fix
Status in “apt” package in Ubuntu:
  Won't Fix
Status in “synaptic” package in Ubuntu:
  Won't Fix

Bug description:
  It should be possible to download while installing, or download 2
  things at once.

  Currently an apt-get command with '--download-only' will lock apt
  (/var/lib/dpkg/lock). Synaptic even locks apt just by being open!

  * I might be updating my system. The update is still in the download stage, and I want to download and install a small package for something. Currently I would have to stop the download, install the package, and resume the download.
  * I'm installing lots of application from the Software Centre. While 1 app is installing the next should be downloading.
  * Run apt-get from command line while browsing software in Synaptic.

  To avoid multiple instances of apt downloading the same file, each
  partial file should have it's own lock (For example,
  would have inkscape_0.48.1-2ubuntu2_i386.lock). It may also be
  necessary to prevent updating package lists (sudo apt-get update) when
  any download lock exists as well as apt's main lock.

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