[ubuntu/focal-updates] apport 2.20.11-0ubuntu27.27 (Accepted)

Chris Halse Rogers raof at ubuntu.com
Wed May 31 06:47:18 UTC 2023

apport (2.20.11-0ubuntu27.27) focal; urgency=medium

  * whoopsie-upload-all: Catch zlib.error when decoding CoreDump from
    crash file (LP: #1947800)
  * Fix KeyError: 'CasperMD5json' (LP: #1964828)
  * apport-kde: Fix inverse order of choices (LP: #1967965)
  * apport-unpack: Fix ValueError: ['separator'] has no binary content
    (LP: #1889443)
  * test:
    - Clear environment for test_run_as_real_user_no_sudo
    - Mock add_gdb_info calls in KDE UI tests
    - Fix KDE UI tests if whoopsie.path is disabled
    - Fix race with progress dialog in KDE UI tests
    - Run UI KDE tests again
    - Determine source package dynamically in test_run_crash_kernel
      (LP: #1992172)

Date: 2023-04-14 13:43:12.734971+00:00
Changed-By: Benjamin Drung <bdrung at posteo.de>
Signed-By: Chris Halse Rogers <raof at ubuntu.com>
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