[ubuntu/focal-updates] containerd-app 1.7.2-0ubuntu1~20.04.1 (Accepted)

Chris Halse Rogers raof at ubuntu.com
Wed Aug 2 04:03:17 UTC 2023

containerd-app (1.7.2-0ubuntu1~20.04.1) focal; urgency=medium

  * Backport version from Mantic to Focal (LP: #2023694, #2022390).
    - Build with Go 1.20
      + d/control: b-d on golang-1.20-go instead of golang-go.
      + d/rules: add Go 1.20 to $PATH.

Date: 2023-07-07 21:34:09.181447+00:00
Changed-By: Lucas Kanashiro <kanashiro at ubuntu.com>
Signed-By: Chris Halse Rogers <raof at ubuntu.com>
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