[ubuntu/focal-updates] glibc 2.31-0ubuntu9.1 (Accepted)

Brian Murray brian at ubuntu.com
Tue Sep 22 15:30:39 UTC 2020

glibc (2.31-0ubuntu9.1) focal; urgency=medium

  [ Michael Hudson-Doyle ]
  * Mark tst-getpw as XFAIL on arm64. (LP: #1869364)

  [ Matthias Klose ]
  * Copy the fully conditionalized x86 variant for math-vector-fortran.h
    to /usr/include/finclude. On all architectures. (LP: #1879092)

  [ Balint Reczey ]
  * debian/gbp.conf: Add initial configuration
  * debian/control.in/main: Add Vcs-* pointing to Ubuntu packaging repository
  * debian/debhelper.in/libc.preinst: Fix setting LDCONFIG_NOTRIGGER
    (LP: #1889190)
  * Fall back to calling nanosleep syscall when __clock_nanosleep returns
    EINVAL due to CLOCK_REALTIME not being supported (LP: #1871129)
  * debian/testsuite-xfail-debian.mk: XFAIL tst-getpw on armhf, too
    (LP: #1869364)
  * XFAIL stdlib/tst-getrandom (LP: #1891403)

  [ Dimitri John Ledkov ]
  * debian/patches/powerpc: Cherrypick upstream patches to support POWER10
    optimized library loading. LP: #1887989

Date: 2020-09-02 14:23:09.717380+00:00
Changed-By: Balint Reczey <balint.reczey at canonical.com>
Signed-By: Brian Murray <brian at ubuntu.com>
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