[ubuntu/focal-proposed] gedit 3.35.90-1 (Accepted)

Iain Lane iain at orangesquash.org.uk
Tue Feb 18 17:12:02 UTC 2020

gedit (3.35.90-1) experimental; urgency=medium

  [ Olivier Tilloy ]
  * New upstream release
  * debian/control.in:
    - drop the build dependency on libxml2-dev
    - add build dependencies on libtepl-4-dev, libamtk-5-dev and libuchardet-dev
    - drop the build dependency on libsoup2.4-dev (needed only for the
      checkupdate plugin on Windows)
  * debian/rules: rename the 'documentation' build option to 'gtk_doc'

  [ Will Thompson ]
  * debian/control.in: build-depend on libgtksourceview-4-doc to match the
    library version used since 3.31.90-1.

Date: 2020-02-17 22:26:31.619601+00:00
Signed-By: Iain Lane <iain at orangesquash.org.uk>
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