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Wed Mar 7 13:25:47 GMT 2007

 OK: gutenprint_5.
     -> Component: main Section: graphics
 OK: gutenprint_5.
 OK: gutenprint_5.

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Format: 1.7
Date: Sun,  4 Mar 2007 12:58:26 +0000
Source: gutenprint
Binary: libgutenprint-doc foomatic-db-gutenprint libgutenprintui2-1 gimp-print foomatic-db-gimp-print ijsgimpprint escputil gutenprint-locales libgutenprintui2-dev ijsgutenprint libgutenprint-dev gutenprint-doc cupsys-driver-gutenprint cupsys-driver-gimpprint libgutenprint2
Architecture: source
Distribution: feisty
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Ubuntu Core Developers <ubuntu-devel-discuss at>
Changed-By: Till Kamppeter <till.kamppeter at>
 cupsys-driver-gimpprint - printer drivers for CUPS
 cupsys-driver-gutenprint - printer drivers for CUPS
 escputil   - maintenance utility for Epson Stylus printers
 foomatic-db-gimp-print - OpenPrinting printer support - database for Gimp-Print printer dr
 foomatic-db-gutenprint - OpenPrinting printer support - database for Gutenprint printer dr
 gimp-print - print plugin for the GIMP
 gutenprint-doc - users' guide for Gutenprint and CUPS
 gutenprint-locales - locale data files for Gutenprint
 ijsgimpprint - printer drivers for CUPS
 ijsgutenprint - inkjet server - Ghostscript driver for Gutenprint
 libgutenprint-dev - development files for the Gutenprint printer driver library
 libgutenprint-doc - documentation for the Gutenprint printer driver library
 libgutenprint2 - runtime for the Gutenprint printer driver library
 libgutenprintui2-1 - runtime for the Gutenprint printer driver user interface library
 libgutenprintui2-dev - development files for the Gutenprint printer driver user interfac
 gutenprint ( feisty; urgency=low
   * New upstream release, RC of 5.0.1
      - Fixes all remaining margin and borderless issues from the previous
        package. Now nearly all Epson inkjets which support borderless printing
        by hardware will do borderless with Gutenprint. Also regressions in
        non-borderless printing are fixed (closes: LP#82186).
      - This version has full support for the PPD auto-generation mechanism
        of CUPS. Shipping PPDs is not needed any more.
      - PPD-spec compliance of the "Resolution" option in the PPDs is fixed
      - Roll paper support fixed on R800.
      - Improved output quality on Canon printers.
      - Duplex on Canon PIXMA iP4000.
      - New printer models supported: Many Canon inkjets, dye sublimation
        photo printers of various brands,
   * debian/cupsys-driver-gutenprint.postinst,
     debian/cupsys-driver-gutenprint.dirs: As the PPD generator is working
     now, do not generate the complete set of PPDs any more after installing
     the cupsys-driver-gutenprint package.
   * debian/control: -> OpenPrinting.
 abca4ac028d9414a4e22322a0fbdb14f 1216 graphics optional gutenprint_5.
 e823fd5f3112745ffb19c8aaa3a70a89 5699643 graphics optional gutenprint_5.
 c22c79aeda8290a4f663fee2b458210c 31707 graphics optional gutenprint_5.
Original-Maintainer: Debian Printing Group <debian-printing at>

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