Accepted linux-source-2.6.19 2.6.19-1.1 (source)

Ben Collins bcollins at
Fri Oct 27 09:13:25 BST 2006

linux-source-2.6.19 2.6.19-1.1 was ACCEPTED.
	Component: main Section: devel

Hash: SHA1

Format: 1.7
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2006 21:58:29 -0400
Source: linux-source-2.6.19
Binary: linux-image-kdump linux-image-2.6.19-1-itanium linux-image-debug-2.6.19-1-sparc64 linux-image-2.6.19-1-sparc64 linux-headers-2.6.19-1-powerpc64-smp linux-image-2.6.19-1-server-bigiron linux-image-2.6.19-1-server linux-image-debug-2.6.19-1-generic linux-image-debug-2.6.19-1-sparc64-smp linux-image-debug-2.6.19-1-powerpc linux-image-debug-2.6.19-1-hppa64 linux-image-debug-2.6.19-1-server linux-image-debug-2.6.19-1-powerpc64-smp linux-kernel-devel linux-image-2.6.19-1-powerpc-smp linux-headers-2.6.19-1-server linux-headers-2.6.19-1-generic linux-image-2.6.19-1-386 linux-headers-2.6.19-1-powerpc-smp linux-headers-2.6.19-1-server-bigiron linux-headers-2.6.19-1-hppa32 linux-headers-2.6.19-1-sparc64-smp linux-headers-2.6.19-1-powerpc linux-image-2.6.19-1-sparc64-smp linux-image-2.6.19-1-generic linux-image-2.6.19-1-powerpc64-smp linux-doc-2.6.19 linux-image-2.6.19-1-mckinley linux-image-debug-2.6.19-1-powerpc-smp linux-image-debug-2.6.19-1-itanium linux-image-2.6.19-1-hppa64 linux-image-debug-2.6.19-1-server-bigiron linux-image-2.6.19-1-hppa32 linux-headers-2.6.19-1-mckinley linux-headers-2.6.19-1-hppa64 linux-image-2.6.19-1-powerpc linux-source-2.6.19 linux-libc-dev linux-headers-2.6.19-1 linux-headers-2.6.19-1-386 linux-image-debug-2.6.19-1-mckinley linux-image-debug-2.6.19-1-hppa32 linux-image-debug-2.6.19-1-386 linux-headers-2.6.19-1-sparc64 linux-headers-2.6.19-1-itanium
Architecture: source
Version: 2.6.19-1.1
Distribution: feisty
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Ben Collins <ben.collins at>
Changed-By: Ben Collins <bcollins at>
 linux-doc-2.6.19 - Linux kernel specific documentation for version 2.6.19
 linux-headers-2.6.19-1 - Header files related to Linux kernel version 2.6.19
 linux-headers-2.6.19-1-386 - Linux kernel headers for version 2.6.19 on i386
 linux-headers-2.6.19-1-generic - Linux kernel headers for version 2.6.19 on x86/x86_64
 linux-headers-2.6.19-1-hppa32 - Linux kernel headers for version 2.6.19 on 32-bit HP PA-RISC SMP
 linux-headers-2.6.19-1-hppa64 - Linux kernel headers for version 2.6.19 on 64-bit HP PA-RISC SMP
 linux-headers-2.6.19-1-itanium - Linux kernel headers for version 2.6.19 on Itanium SMP
 linux-headers-2.6.19-1-mckinley - Linux kernel headers for version 2.6.19 on Itanium II SMP
 linux-headers-2.6.19-1-powerpc - Linux kernel headers for version 2.6.19 on 32-bit PowerPC
 linux-headers-2.6.19-1-powerpc-smp - Linux kernel headers for version 2.6.19 on 32-bit PowerPC SMP
 linux-headers-2.6.19-1-powerpc64-smp - Linux kernel headers for version 2.6.19 on 64-bit PowerPC SMP
 linux-headers-2.6.19-1-server - Linux kernel headers for version 2.6.19 on x86/x86_64
 linux-headers-2.6.19-1-server-bigiron - Linux kernel headers for version 2.6.19 on BigIron Server Equipme
 linux-headers-2.6.19-1-sparc64 - Linux kernel headers for version 2.6.19 on 64-bit UltraSPARC
 linux-headers-2.6.19-1-sparc64-smp - Linux kernel headers for version 2.6.19 on 64-bit UltraSPARC SMP
 linux-image-2.6.19-1-386 - Linux kernel image for version 2.6.19 on i386
 linux-image-2.6.19-1-generic - Linux kernel image for version 2.6.19 on x86/x86_64
 linux-image-2.6.19-1-hppa32 - Linux kernel image for version 2.6.19 on 32-bit HP PA-RISC SMP
 linux-image-2.6.19-1-hppa64 - Linux kernel image for version 2.6.19 on 64-bit HP PA-RISC SMP
 linux-image-2.6.19-1-itanium - Linux kernel image for version 2.6.19 on Itanium SMP
 linux-image-2.6.19-1-mckinley - Linux kernel image for version 2.6.19 on Itanium II SMP
 linux-image-2.6.19-1-powerpc - Linux kernel image for version 2.6.19 on 32-bit PowerPC
 linux-image-2.6.19-1-powerpc-smp - Linux kernel image for version 2.6.19 on 32-bit PowerPC SMP
 linux-image-2.6.19-1-powerpc64-smp - Linux kernel image for version 2.6.19 on 64-bit PowerPC SMP
 linux-image-2.6.19-1-server - Linux kernel image for version 2.6.19 on x86/x86_64
 linux-image-2.6.19-1-server-bigiron - Linux kernel image for version 2.6.19 on BigIron Server Equipment
 linux-image-2.6.19-1-sparc64 - Linux kernel image for version 2.6.19 on 64-bit UltraSPARC
 linux-image-2.6.19-1-sparc64-smp - Linux kernel image for version 2.6.19 on 64-bit UltraSPARC SMP
 linux-image-debug-2.6.19-1-386 - Linux kernel debug image for version 2.6.19 on i386
 linux-image-debug-2.6.19-1-generic - Linux kernel debug image for version 2.6.19 on x86/x86_64
 linux-image-debug-2.6.19-1-hppa32 - Linux kernel debug image for version 2.6.19 on 32-bit HP PA-RISC 
 linux-image-debug-2.6.19-1-hppa64 - Linux kernel debug image for version 2.6.19 on 64-bit HP PA-RISC 
 linux-image-debug-2.6.19-1-itanium - Linux kernel debug image for version 2.6.19 on Itanium SMP
 linux-image-debug-2.6.19-1-mckinley - Linux kernel debug image for version 2.6.19 on Itanium II SMP
 linux-image-debug-2.6.19-1-powerpc - Linux kernel debug image for version 2.6.19 on 32-bit PowerPC
 linux-image-debug-2.6.19-1-powerpc-smp - Linux kernel debug image for version 2.6.19 on 32-bit PowerPC SMP
 linux-image-debug-2.6.19-1-powerpc64-smp - Linux kernel debug image for version 2.6.19 on 64-bit PowerPC SMP
 linux-image-debug-2.6.19-1-server - Linux kernel debug image for version 2.6.19 on x86/x86_64
 linux-image-debug-2.6.19-1-server-bigiron - Linux kernel debug image for version 2.6.19 on BigIron Server Equ
 linux-image-debug-2.6.19-1-sparc64 - Linux kernel debug image for version 2.6.19 on 64-bit UltraSPARC
 linux-image-debug-2.6.19-1-sparc64-smp - Linux kernel debug image for version 2.6.19 on 64-bit UltraSPARC 
 linux-image-kdump - Linux Kernel Crash Dump Image.
 linux-kernel-devel - Linux kernel hacking dependencies
 linux-libc-dev - Linux Kernel Headers for development
 linux-source-2.6.19 - Linux kernel source for version 2.6.19 with Ubuntu patches
 linux-source-2.6.19 (2.6.19-1.1) feisty; urgency=low
   [Ben Collins]
   * Makefile: Disable compiler stack protection
     - GIT-SHA 88e5d8158cceacb7e7b559f5af74f729a17ade71
   * Add git-ubuntu-log parsing script.
     - GIT-SHA 5d781e48af9265470bc5de9cfd072b80918e1db8
   * Disable APIC on UP machines by default
     - GIT-SHA ce3c49d6164180bcb0e5d6a455f3ae163914af52
   * Quieten compressed boot messages.
     - GIT-SHA b31aa3e4c69d1fc4868d39dc63bc2a4baab497b1
   * Add config option to disable hyperthreading by default
     - GIT-SHA 161459709590b06c515c7e2657c376e28a98fdc1
   * Default to dongle type 9 on IBM hardware.
     - GIT-SHA eb2eaa11c75f1c656a3bef54bef3e8c92e52049d
   * Add "TOSHIBA CD-ROM XM-1702BC" to ide-dma blacklist
     - GIT-SHA e64e371c8cdba5c0af8d8c8eaef69f07cd3b87b5
   * net/sunhme: Fix Sun Happy Meal ethernet lockups on Ultra 1E
     - GIT-SHA add87b82b6ea9b4a9c695d4fb0b5ae1d4ce655cc
   * pcmcia: Do not insert pcmcia cards on resume
     - GIT-SHA 9334fc580d26a92c81651df4669ce8c19a68b260
   * scsi/BusLogic: Add MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE for autoloading
     - GIT-SHA 55f6d5c8bf31270f7289ce9865cb15528327cca8
   * input/mouse/alps: Do not call psmouse_reset() for alps
     - GIT-SHA fb3c8d616c602b8876dc50e89ac4987f5ba05bfe
   * scsi: Add Matshita DMC-LC33 to devlist
     - GIT-SHA b7f273bde8e6e02a6dea490f877ef9ee4f390448
   * scsi: Restore generic SCSI proc_info function
     - GIT-SHA 9c1a5525614014486d2ba5ed1181f777c55587f3
   * ide: Make some drivers modular
     - GIT-SHA 9ecb5d7cc5db4071f4d9218f8acff96ab5d599f0
   * ide/pnp: Allow ide-pnp to be modular.
     - GIT-SHA 924f6bd12dc99b5176940895ec26607f2144b0f1
   * video/vesafb: Modularize
     - GIT-SHA f160678572c5cbd97cc96a761d95646fb4c3a50f
   * pcmcia: Add missing device releases
     - GIT-SHA e3eeb6ee8e14cdcaccf0213446bef4a26ba78bcb
   * general: Quieten noisy printk's
     - GIT-SHA 13dbeb0d68d892cce0483594fbd795c289ae7c27
   * acpi: Allow loading of DSDT from initrd
     - GIT-SHA 5272d84c2ae7ad6dcf98ec83fe2f510a0b8912ee
   * ide: Cleaner merge of ide_scan_pcibus() changes (modular)
     - GIT-SHA ab460a6bf9bb00b39443190efbc44cf8a9358032
   * video/vesafb: Fixup vesafb modular code to merge with platform driver changes.
     - GIT-SHA 08c62e8dea078ca4510f00bbf1e8dce0cef53716
   * ide: Export ide_scan_direction
     - GIT-SHA 1b49a08481e74417c114f16c2c6ec0e4e6d282e0
   * ide: Fix Oops in IDE caused by __init for ide_pci_scanbus()
     - GIT-SHA d3e3800f6826c7a57872dd22ac93d034d36c91db
   * fs: Revert bd_claim change.
     - GIT-SHA 8cbff5a651066cd43f6736a45181c0549d91662a
   * drivers/video: Fix some video drivers unchecked use of nvram functions
     - GIT-SHA e79b253cceeee1f4022b825e3c6acbc9690b81a7
   * tulip: Fix for Uli5261 chipsets.
     - GIT-SHA 278130f8818f8ac6550760807815d24dbeee6470
   * net/tulip: Define ULI PCI ID's
     - GIT-SHA 68cdca366a7410a1a5c86f1365072edfedbc911c
   * ia64: Export some extra symbols so we can build vga16fb
     - GIT-SHA 48b37aa458e7e61f396f0bc2e4b8a4bdd039005a
   * video: Enable VesaFB for ia64.
     - GIT-SHA 9d859229d3ec3bb4325b65e05387f2d6cd12627f
   * ide: Revert some of the "modular ide" patch.
     - GIT-SHA ccbe68cc3928e6275f4fefed7856c7754d10dd84
   * vga16fb: Set default timings to 640x400 for compatibility.
     - GIT-SHA 20556d56d5e13a642d5da77e4fd877f00a63bbdc
   * block: Make CDROMEJECT more robust
     - GIT-SHA 933956f84fdb520d9cce720fabbb6236efaa188f
   * powerpc: Disable prom_printf
     - GIT-SHA 52bca28eb10d88db59b8b16fd28f7bd71c859404
   * ide-cd: Disable verbose errors.
     - GIT-SHA 72d40db7ba7478afe35e7302d0d61c2bcd41fa53
   * tulip: Fix mdio related lockups. Update from upstream driver.
     - GIT-SHA e74fe2962b8fde95756505782a3226a5e30b92c2
   * input: Allow root to inject unknown scan codes.
     - GIT-SHA 9dba2e8158382af26d4460242ffe6d45803f43fb
   * 3w-9xxx: Add .proc_name member to scsi_host_template
     - GIT-SHA a120864ddf97dcaf0a5565ffd2539852e884f411
   * synaptics: Add Toshiba Protege M300 to rate=40 blacklist.
     - GIT-SHA d9b4f0e739d81b75fae3f9545d598d865e391e35
   * vga16fb: Do not use 640x480 on certain machines
     - GIT-SHA faffc346a48402547964adde5b5c4bf3b37572a8
   * forcedeth: Let the driver work when no PHY is found
     - GIT-SHA eb2bbfea12d9f3599ed6019fce78a5bb3b70f9d8
     - Bug #45257
   * tulip: Let dmfe handle davicom on non-sparc.
     - GIT-SHA 901dcff694d2c177078a2f9a0e81d765c7db41fb
     - Bug #48287
   * speakup: Driver addition
     - GIT-SHA 1cf0afb09a96f1c381a9ac42ab56115c957177ab
   * kbd: Fix typo in speakup patch
     - GIT-SHA 71aeabbdc6e922a454cbb96c93bda44cd6f34613
   * powerpc: Allow config of pSeries panel message
     - GIT-SHA 8290fcc662b7a9cb3035222f3c2f0160f5a14fcd
   * general: crash helper support for apport
     - GIT-SHA d9291b92a80b54e2212348ff82cd6c374351dd05
   * version: Implement version_signature proc file.
     - GIT-SHA 87c212ae348ed89e2177af1907fbfff22b758eb4
   * hid-core: Add noget quirk for turbox keyboard.
     - GIT-SHA c6ecb350590cbbb62207ecda8acdb36dc503830e
   * ipw2100: Add option to disable C3/C4 state transistions.
     - GIT-SHA a2a9f735de0c61a7be45ab0c55eea593098de70a
   * ubuntu: Create ubuntu driver directory.
     - GIT-SHA ce47ddb0f4e34a60599bedc8f0bff996ed252e6f
   * hdrinst: Add stub for gfs headers
     - GIT-SHA 6fde7f59fd4e921d8255c2fd6ebabc622c88947c
   * general: Add MODULE_DEV_TABLE to some drivers for autoloading.
     - GIT-SHA bef1c07e02bd1fb0bb2eb020e5c58dd12e56d53f
   * i8042: Quiten message about no controlles being found.
     - GIT-SHA a438ddf2becf5f6d4a5db68acf0cd9648030d192
   * asfs: Add Amiga Smart File System
     - GIT-SHA 63e625a65070eee461f5f4bedd550e39ed8c171e
   * kbuild: Add ubuntu/include/ for external driver includes.
     - GIT-SHA 6cc08947078031622ef777dc91630b2a25e1cc51
   * fs: Export __d_path symbol for dazuko.
     - GIT-SHA f816e1d4eab62bc229991a614f63731f599bf9ae
   * speakup: Merges fixes and patches from Edgy.
     - GIT-SHA d2c7021c474d7bbaeafd96f890471476514e219d
   * ixj: Fix PCI vendor/device ID's for QUICKNET.
     - GIT-SHA 7742c3f2837c62c64c08736ca8f6b8931258ba6b
   * asfs: Compile fixes.
     - GIT-SHA da4e90d5cb6bc656861de64cb200d6de124c39ce
   * vt: Fix speakup code to compile.
     - GIT-SHA a0ec07a4417656566e19d8415dbc86e91d6f974a
   * kbuild: Fix location of ubuntu/include addition to LINUXINCLUDES
     - GIT-SHA a30f7b62339415a90a6024ada0e2f10f86a85dbd
   * general: Various compile fixes for edgy patch merges.
     - GIT-SHA eea36c5c4f202eb95108fd8c1ef9fe5f38c10bcf
   * dazuko: Added driver
     - GIT-SHA 1283c07c2260047335a58be437dc8ba558011770
   * squashfs: Added v3.1-r2 driver
     - GIT-SHA 6acce7627f044b72930dd6cc563aed9559a4b8c4
   * unionfs: Add 20060916 snapshot
     - GIT-SHA c375f3b13be8c1f3aba1316b01332f7951d4dda2
   * gfs: Merged from Edgy
     - GIT-SHA 29decd8128961ed2a79235240172ec2f646103f4
   * rt2x00: Added drivers from Edgy with build fixes.
     - GIT-SHA e8a710260e32cefb7236a8bd3a111387818786c0
   * linux-wlan-ng: Added driver
     - GIT-SHA 36d255e73f30f68a23d61048d3f0627bc5241025
   * ndsiwrapper: Added driver
     - GIT-SHA f1e27ae3a39b0d389f212df44d6ab5468d04647d
   * cloop: Added compressed loop driver
     - GIT-SHA 26cb677f9b9205a2ed77a4ee4c554bcdd498eaa4
   * dm-bbr: Added new driver
     - GIT-SHA ee36ac9e9c3065f8f594493a3be2e0ae4196e46e
   * acx: Add driver from Edgy
     - GIT-SHA 959183847e71f99bee6e5682708a672b9c2abd02
   * ipw3945: Add new driver
     - GIT-SHA cc542d63e9bc05438570c084e6b701e82aafbda2
   * adm8211: Add new driver
     - GIT-SHA 6a9957bd934f4db1dc80a5d7b48638e3373d7c88
   * rtl818x: Add new drivers
     - GIT-SHA 9533d6e292539fae27c6062dbf4ba2b663caaa28
   * prism54_softmac: Add new driver
     - GIT-SHA 559b895c45424e974caadc3ec249d5cdbcd5ddf4
   * fsam7400: Add new driver
     - GIT-SHA 78b8978053c2ee6d0cbd42aec330d6ee2b555212
   * mol: Add Mac-On-Linux driver
     - GIT-SHA 51410652caa26b301d6ac968d6fce04c1f21d925
   * ov511: Add ov511 camera driver
     - GIT-SHA 63f1564f55645b26f157c418a6e28fb49b23a52b
   * zd1211: Install firmware in subdirectory, like the driver expects it.
     - GIT-SHA 33564d1acfa96e8cba778e2efb6b0376aad09e12
   * kbuild: Do not add debian/ to clean-dirs.
     - GIT-SHA 8e1027b4fefded38704dd473394e2f7238012940
   * debian/: We don't need to run make-kpkg clean in the top level.
     - GIT-SHA a8e5dc70095ebd21e21896c82cab8394e5c25a7c
   * ubuntu/: Update all drivers for 2.6.19 changes
     - GIT-SHA a8dc19f626a200ee837af570ce59a732b3094aa5
   * ubuntu/: More fixes for warnings. ubuntu/ is pretty much warning free
     - GIT-SHA 807da64fba9aa414f256ea4d5664a448f9023d78
   * gfs2/dlm: Remove. These modules are in-tree now.
     - GIT-SHA bb62e6c94034978605cc148d6c94dd15036eaf4e
   * gfs2: Export extra symbols for gfs1
     - GIT-SHA d999702b86414c59d62f9b34450129a9221b523d
   * kbuild: Allow header_install to work with O=
     - GIT-SHA afa95b842e7b00b21537f2203e4879c2d860a3e9
   * debian/d-i: Update md-modules udeb list.
     - GIT-SHA ed24b1fc393feb10061f83bbf152f7718cc94a83
   * debian/: Complete rework of d-i (kernel-wedge) handling
     - GIT-SHA 435d7a8fa97f08f1ed39520bf4122434ad7d57ac
   * ide: Disable some PCI entries when duplicate ATA driver is enabled.
     - GIT-SHA c97951e8a2b085c6ec47fee8f1f933185bde3d75
   * fsam7400: Include linux/io.h for check_signature()
     - GIT-SHA fb04e20928624ec398c54131fa7736a2fb6a971e
   * sbus: BBC and ENVCTRL both need to be built-in
     - GIT-SHA 75bc2c9764754ae2b446ac5613b7a33c2d7a0379
   * prism2: Make modules depend on subsystems.
     - GIT-SHA 5d084bc0a60a146d81a910580eeb29a7e92d89d6
   * sparc: Fix some section mismatch warnings from sbus modules.
     - GIT-SHA a1e1b46410e1095bad4e401d7bc0591d44137e2a
   * kbuild: Remove local change for -fno-stack-protector.
     - GIT-SHA 10137f027764e20df233111725a7b148047d92d1
   * sbus/char, synaptics: Revert local Ubuntu changes
     - GIT-SHA a3852f015830915eb3fb33b8fea85a5edd7a5838
   * mv643xx: Remove pci dev table. Not needed for this driver.
     - GIT-SHA f098f17a693fefb6aa03d4ac317faf4f92c0d05a
   * imsttfb: Set USE_NV_MODES to 0 when CONFIG_NVRAM is not set
     - GIT-SHA 292f071fb9492af9042e840ca81397108dd0ea83
   * prism2_plx: Disable on ppc for now.
     - GIT-SHA db1b9f970535fdc567e08bca05b8bcf6a4e1f07f
   * ppc: Do not re-export kd_mksound.
     - GIT-SHA 5b7d5bbf5171fcb92d78b0e3fa5437ec6f912838
   * atm/block/wan: Require ISA_DMA_API for some drivers.
     - GIT-SHA 40215f7cfb9ec59a90b781c50ffc9424ef16b3ba
   * hvcs: select HVC_CONSOLE when enabled.
     - GIT-SHA e41dbec0326f0e75e6a80b248b5c26f75899f866
   * ppc: Do not enable ISA_DMA_API on PPC64
     - GIT-SHA 75b0757318306ddd6868d65f2e2da6c806f140f6
   * tmscsim, i2o_config: Depends on ISA_DMA_API
     - GIT-SHA f86bd4404911d9107c3bf7e36c894fa5907fac8c
   * drivers/atm: Add CPPFLAGS to fore200e-fw endian check.
     - GIT-SHA 694db9ff7e16042b3f58bbc01d19ef08609315ce
   * bcm43xx: Move dma-mapping.h include to fix compile failure
     - GIT-SHA 9cc7a903b72c231510f4cae7e9dee27b0ebc6d2c
   [Chuck Short]
   * atkbd: Disables stupid keyboard warning.
     - GIT-SHA aedc2d9246885a41346584b1fe91696611eea756
   [Fabio M. Di Nitto]
   * drivers/char/vt.c: make promcon driver init a boot option.
     - GIT-SHA 41a393f2d8829bceb5c5da136dd12f3dcbe6c94c
 2d2ab5c8adb768c0162825ebea4a3066 2189 devel optional linux-source-2.6.19_2.6.19-1.1.dsc
 ae37bc1f9814dc9b382898732e525de3 57879439 devel optional linux-source-2.6.19_2.6.19-1.1.tar.gz

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