Accepted openldap2.3 2.3.29-1 (source)

Scott James Remnant scott at
Fri Nov 17 02:25:17 GMT 2006

openldap2.3 2.3.29-1 was ACCEPTED.
	Component: universe Section: net

Origin: Debian/unstable
Format: 1.7
Date: Thu,  16 Nov 2006 23:39:40 +0000
Source: openldap2.3
Binary: slapd, ldap-utils, libldap-2.3-0
Architecture: source
Version: 2.3.29-1
Distribution: feisty
Urgency: high
Maintainer: Debian OpenLDAP Maintainers <pkg-openldap-devel at>
Changed-By: Scott James Remnant <scott at>
Closes: 70923 71127 71131 71366 71469 71470 71471 71472 71473 71584 71602 71716 71852 71854 76719 77633 77635 78003 78950 80457 80591 81359 82491 84954 87986 88079 90165 90323 90855 91318 92331 92916 93605 94963 94967 95600 96145 96957 98039 98683 98805 98853 99440 99547 99998 100584 100938 101602 101602 105905 110479 111765 111833 112459 114021 124859 130277 131469 131469 131502 131617 132566 134564 134774 134945 135223 136240 137100 137552 137552 137552 137718 138136 138558 140387 141712 141959 146968 148033 151222 151511 152959 155197 155937 157037 159078 159542 160412 160763 160964 160965 162123 162284 164791 166777 167566 169950 171008 171894 175704 175736 176462 176832 176980 178014 181168 185173 185676 189777 189811 189933 189947 190085 190155 190156 190164 190165 190401 190660 190724 190797 190799 192163 192423 192431 193854 193854 194192 194192 194740 194943 195029 195079 195990 196995 197014 198553 201482 201991 202306 202592 202741 203292 204008 205609 208056 209019 210731 214054 214270 215373 216661 216797 224058 225807 226583 228705 228705 228886 229195 230366 233512 233833 234593 234639 235749 236097 243537 244827 245347 249152 251036 253633 254183 254184 254186 255276 257513 261696 261696 264448 265860 292845 294701 297123 297123 298271 298741 299100 300212 300851 301292 302629 302743 302829 303243 303245 303505 304141 304339 304485 304488 304491 304549 304840 305785 306229 306435 308234 308416 308906 310282 310282 310422 311331 312064 313809 315122 315158 316350 316351 316354 316355 316361 316623 316624 317100 318143 319155 319477 319596 319706 320739 327808 332053 335618 343113 347725 349011 351428 353877 353897 354450 355670 356554 365172 367981 368586 368709 368888 368889 368891 368895 368896 369093 369352 369484 369544 370013 370023 370550 372194 373233 375101 378565 380687 389369 393404 396096 397673
 openldap2.3 (2.3.29-1) unstable; urgency=medium
   [ Matthijs Mohlmann ]
   * New upstream release.
     - Fixes Denial of Service through a certain combination of LDAP BIND
       requests (CVE-2006-5779) (Closes: #397673)
   * LSB section added to the init script.
   * Updated README.Debian about running as non-root user (Closes: #389369)
   * Updated de translation (Closes: #396096)
   * Added some documentation / warning when running slapindex as root.
   * Remove drafts and rfc from the tarball. (Closes: #393404)
 openldap2.3 (2.3.27-1) unstable; urgency=low
   [ Matthijs Mohlmann ]
   * New upstream release.
   * pidfile location is changed 3 years ago, when people are upgrading from
     back then they have a broken slapd because the openldap user is not able
     to write to /var/run. (Closes: #380687)
   * Patches by Quanah Gibson-Mount <quanah at>
     - Fix one time memleak on startup in the accesslog db.
   * Changed priority of libldap-2.3-0 to optional as it is only used by slapd.
   [ Torsten Landschoff ]
   * Remove RFC documents as they do not meet the DFSG.
     + debian/rules: Check that the RFCs are gone to make sure it does not
       get included again by accident.
 openldap2.3 (2.3.25-1) unstable; urgency=low
   [ Matthijs Mohlmann ]
   * New upstream release:
     - Accepts 'require none' in slapd.conf (closes: #370023).
     - Added patch to fix a bold issue in the manpage ldapsearch. Thanks to
       Matt Kraai. (Closes: #355670)
   * Added commented out rootdn parameter in slapd.conf. (Closes: #303245)
   * Make the scripts output a bit more consistent.
   * Fix a regression in the slapd packages. Data directory is /var/lib/ldap
     and not /var/openldap-data, also adjust the manpages to reflect these
     change. Thanks to Peter Marschall. (Closes: #368891)
   * Removed script move_files, dh_install is used instead. (Closes: #368896)
   * Dutch translation already updated. Closes: #375101)
   * Documented that slapd is compiled with TCP wrappers (Closes: #351428)
   * dpkg-reconfigure slapd now just reinstalls slapd and moves old databases
     to /var/backups. Already done in previous version (Closes: #230366, #208056)
   [ Torsten Landschoff ]
   * debian/libldap-2.3-0.install: Ignore version information when installing
     libraries. This way it does not need updating for each new upstream 
 openldap2.3 (2.3.24-2) unstable; urgency=low
   * Switch slapd from running as root to running as user.
    (Closes: #292845, #261696)
   * Changing configuration in slapd.conf by the postinst will now also follow
     includes. (Closes: #304488)
   * Patches by Quanah Gibson-Mount <quanah at>
     - fix a lock bug with a virtual root entry in the BDB backend.
     - fix boolean logic in the overlays.
     - fix that slurpd can use ldaps.
     - fix initialization of auditdb.
     - fix TLS concurrency issues.
     - fix exop password change that didn't reset pwdMustChange.
     - fix syncrepl that fails when no rootdn is defined.
   * Add dependency on adduser.
   * Specify the PATH variable in the init script. (Closes: #367981)
   * Added patch to read config before dropping privileges.
   * epoll(4) system call is missing on kernels <2.6, this causes slapd to
     not work on 2.4 kernels. Added patch that remove the #define in (Closes: #369352, #372194, #373233)
   * In 2.3.24 slapd won't segfault if the moduleload directive appears
     somewhere else. (Closes: #349011)
   * Removed fileutils dependency, it's superseeded in Sarge already.
     (Closes: #370013)
   * Use find in combination with mv to move an old directory away.
     (Closes: #306435)
   * Updated Dutch debconf translation (Closes: #365172)
   * Added an example backup script that can be put into cron (Closes: #319477)
   * Make the db directories 0700. On new installations this is the default.
     (Closes: #354450)
   * Get rid of a '.' in front of a domain. (Closes: #318143)
   * Added shadowLastChange to the ACL in the default slapd.conf
     (Closes: #370550)
   * Updated Japanese translation (Closes: #378565)
 openldap2.3 (2.3.24-1) unstable; urgency=low
   [ Matthijs Mohlmann ]
   * New upstream version. (Closes: #369544)
   * Update patch slurpd-in-spool. (Closes: #368586, #368709, #368889)
   * Added slapi-errorlog-file to be into /var/log (Closes: #368895)
   * Removed patch, incorporated upstream.
   * Move debian/ to debian/configure.options.
   * Added patch to put ldapi socket in /var/run/slapd.
   * Removed bdb recovery from the init.d script. This was introduced to fix
     bug #255276. Now that slapd has the ability to check and recover from bdb
     failures, this function is not needed anymore. (Closes: #369484, #369093)
   * Updated the lintian overrides.
   [ Torsten Landschoff ]
   * Include man pages for accesslog and auditlog overlays, patch by
     Peter Marschall (closes: #368888).
 openldap2.3 (2.3.23-1) unstable; urgency=low
   [ Matthijs Mohlmann ]
   * New upstream release. (Closes: #308906, #310282, #353877, #335618, #315158)
     (Closes: #310282, #319155)
   * OpenLDAP checks database before starting up.
     (Closes: #190165, #195079, #294701, #308416)
   * move_old_database_away isn't called in a while loop anymore (which would
     kill debconf interaction) (Closes: #299100)
   * BDB_CONFIG file will be installed on new installations (Closes: #301292)
   * Move to dh_install.
   * Move to quilt patch system.
   * Fix manpage.
   * Make ldiftopasswd and fix_ldif executable. (fixes lintian warnings)
   * Wipe passwords after we created the initial configuration.
   * The config scripts is runned twice, this causes the password in
     slapd/internal/adminpw to be empty. This fixes the issue with having an
     empty password in the ldap database. (Closes: #343113, #347725)
   * Added #DEBHELPER# token to fix a lintian warning.
   * bdb has changed between major versions, so dump the database and import it
     again for versions before 2.3.19.
   * Remove comments from debian/control (The out commented control information
     is actually in debian/
   * Enable all backends and overlays with: --enable-backends=mod and
   * Add | debconf-2.0 to unblock cdebconf transition (Closes: #332053)
   * Added Danish debconf translation (Closes: #353897)
   * Updated French debconf translation (Closes: #320739)
   * Updated Vietnamese debconf translation (Closes: #319706)
   * Updated Czech debconf translation (Closes: #356554)
   * Encode the organization to utf8 (Closes: #236097)
   * Disabled the LDBM backend. Break in preinstallation if user doesn't want
     to migrate to BDB backend.
   * Removed choice for LDBM backend from slapd templates. And some explanation
     in that question about the LDBM backend.
   * Add sizelimit and tool-threads and some documentation to slapd.conf
     (Closes: #327808)
   * slapd.scripts-common had two functions with the same name.
   * Don't return a error message if hostname fails.
   * Backup the config only once on upgrade.
   * For new installations do not install a DB_CONFIG file but use the
     slapd.conf as file for BDB/HDB configuration parameters. See: slapd-bdb(5)
   * Added various "exit 0" to the installation scripts.
   * Add patch to fix C comparison what should be bash (ITS#4416)
   * Raise debconf configuration level from low to medium for
   * Updated Standards-Version to
   * Added build-dependency on perl which is used in the debian/rules file.
     Considered by lintian.
   * Added lintian override for too-long-extended-description-in-templates, it
     is an explanation about the backends.
   [ Steve Langasek ]
   * debian/slapd.templates: Fix typo durin -> during; re-run
     debconf-updatepo, fixing up the fuzzies (closes: #319596).
   [ Torsten Landschoff ]
   * debian/slapd.scripts-common: Rename backend_supported to
     upgrade_supported_from_backend for more clarity.
 openldap2.2 (2.2.26-4) unstable; urgency=low
   * [l10n] Vietnamese translations by Clytie Siddall (closes: #316623).
   * debian/slapd.templates: Fix typos occured -> occurred (closes: #316624).
   * libraries/libldap/url.c: Apply patch from upstream CVS to fix URI 
     parsing (closes: #317100).
 openldap2.2 (2.2.26-3) unstable; urgency=low
   * [SECURITY] Applied the patch available at
     to force libldap to really use TLS when requested in /etc/ldap/ldap.conf
     (cf. CAN-2005-2069). Clients still will use libldap2 from openldap2
     source package so this is only to prepare unleashing the libraries of
     OpenLDAP 2.2 for unstable...
 openldap2.2 (2.2.26-2) unstable; urgency=low
   * Assembled changes from patches supplied by Peter Marschall (thanks,
   | debian/move_files: Move slapd and slurpd to /usr/sbin and adjust symlinks
     (closes: #316354).
     + debian/slapd.links: Remove symlinks from /usr/sbin to /usr/lib.
   | debian/rules: Don't install cron jobs needed for GnuTLS as long as we are
     using OpenSSL.
   | debian/control: Remove build-dependencies needed for GnuTLS 
     (closes: #316355).
     + Require libsasl >= 2.1.18 as recommended by OpenLDAP project.
   | Update quicktool patch from Quanah Gibson-Mount (closes: #316361).
   | debian/slapd.init: Use /bin/sh as shell when running db_recover
     (closes: #316350).
   | debian/configure.options: Enabled dynlist and proxycache overlays
     (closes: #316351).
   * debian/po/de.po: Apply typo correction patch (closes: #313809).
   * debian/po/fr.po: Apply updates by Christian Perrier (closes: #315122).
 openldap2.2 (2.2.26-1) unstable; urgency=low
   * New upstream release. 
   * debian/slapd.init: Run db_recover as the user configured for slapd
     (closes: #311331).
   * debian/po/cs.po: Add Czech translation by Miroslav Kure (closes: #312064).
   * Run debconf-updatepo, oh my :(
   * Update configure via libtoolize -cf; aclocal-1.4; autoconf2.50.
   * Try to fix memcmp check (probably does not work anymore, but
     we should have a working memcmp on all Debian systems anyway).
   * debian/rules: Remove config.{sub,guess} before installing new versions
     (just in case there were symlinks for them...).
 openldap2.2 (2.2.23-8) unstable; urgency=low
   * debian/DB_CONFIG: Fixed the log cache configuration (used the wrong
     command so there was about no effect).
 openldap2.2 (2.2.23-7) unstable; urgency=low
   * debian/slapd.scripts-common: Install the default DB_CONFIG for each
     database loaded from LDIF which didn't have a DB_CONFIG before.
   * (automatic) Updated config.sub and config.guess from autotools-dev.
 openldap2.2 (2.2.23-6) unstable; urgency=low
   Torsten Landschoff <torsten at>:
   * debian/po/ja.po: Merge updates from Kenshi Muto (closes: #303505).
   * debian/po/fr.po: Merge updates from Christian Perrier (closes: #306229).
   * debian/slapd.scripts-common: If the user enters the empty value for 
     the database dumping directory use the default value. Seems like the
     readline interface does not care about the default value 
     (closes: #308234).
   * debian/slapd.postinst: Make sure the debhelper commands are executed 
     in all cases (closes: #310422).
   * Merged suggested changes by Eugene Konev to automatically run 
     db_recover before starting slapd (closes: #255276).
     + debian/slapd.init: Run db_recover if enabled and available and no 
       slapd process running.
     + debian/slapd.default: Add configuration option to disable it.
   * Applied and improved patch by Matthijs Mohlmann to support migration
     from ldbm to bdb backend.
     + debian/slapd.config: Ask if migration is wanted.
     + debian/slapd.postinst: Update configuration from ldbm to bdb if yes.
     + debian/slapd.scripts-common: Implemented some parts in their own
   * Add a README.DB_CONFIG.gz and reference it where referring to BDB 
   * Update default DB_CONFIG with some senseful values.
   Steve Langasek <vorlon at>:
   * libraries/libldap_r/ make sure the ximian-connector ntlm
     patch is applied to libldap_r, not just to libldap
   * debian/move_files: make libldap a symlink to libldap_r, as carrying
     two versions of this library around is more trouble than it's worth,
     and can cause glorious segfaults down the line
 openldap2.2 (2.2.23-5) unstable; urgency=low
   Torsten Landschoff <torsten at>:
   * debian/lintian-overrides: Add. Contains lintian warnings/errors to
     override for each package (plus comments).
     + debian/move_files: Automatically install applying overrides into
       each package.
   Steve Langasek <vorlon at>:
   * reinstate the remainder of the fix for 195990 from
     2.1.22-2: give preference to -lpthread over -pthread in,
     because some archs (mipsel, at least) don't like -pthread.
 openldap2.2 (2.2.23-4) unstable; urgency=low
   Torsten Landschoff <torsten at>:
   * debian/control: Make the requirement for debconf a pre-dependency as
     we are using it from the maintainer scripts.
   * debian/slapd.preinst: Always use debconf (don't check for availability).
   * debian/slapd.scripts-common: Remove the alert_user function which
     was there to output an error message in case debconf is not available.
   Steve Langasek <vorlon at>:
   * debian/fix_ldif: Add code to fix up oddly formatted integer attribs;
     limited use because it only fixes those attributes that we have
     prior knowledge of (i.e., those in the default schemas we ship), but
     it's something at least.  Closes: #302629.
   * debian/fix_ldif: Also change fix_ldif to not chew up everything that
     has a # in the line: treat lines beginning with # as comments, but #
     is a valid character in an attribute value.
   * debian/rules: Fix the check for missing lib symbols to use
     LD_LIBRARY_PATH, so the package builds on systems that don't already
     have libldap-2.2-7 installed.  Closes: #305785.
   * debian/po/ja.po: Use the partial translation provided by Kenshi Muto.
   Stephen Frost <sfrost at>:
   * debian/slapd.scripts-common: Make sure - ends up at the end of the
     bracket expression given to grep so it's not treated as a range
     (closes: #302743).
 openldap2.2 (2.2.23-3) unstable; urgency=low
   Steve Langasek <vorlon at>
   * libraries/libldap_r/ Code that uses pthreads *must* be
     linked with -pthread, even if it's a library; without this, the
     libldap_r library ends up with dangling unversioned reference to
     pthread_create() which gets resolved to a wrong version that causes
     segfaults on 64-bit platforms.  Closes: #304549.
   * debian/rules: error out on build if an installed library has
     undefined symbols; future-proofing against a repeat of #304549.
   * debian/slapd.postinst: don't dump and reload directories unless we
     know we're upgrading from an incompatible version!  Closes: #304840.
   * debian/slapd.scripts-common: don't use merge_logical_lines for
     functions that will be writing back to the config; the code is not
     as pretty now, but the output is much less ugly. Closes: #303243.
   * debian/slapd.examples, debian/slapd.scripts-common,
     debian/slapd.links, debian/move_files: install DB_CONFIG in
     /usr/share/slapd/ instead of /usr/share/doc/slapd/examples/; this
     simplifies the code, and ensures users who don't install
     /usr/share/doc aren't penalized.  Create links for the DB_CONFIG and
     slapd.confg templates to /usr/share/doc/slapd/examples, since these
     are worthwhile examples as well.
   * Updated maintainer scripts to keep DB_CONFIG for LDAP databases over
     upgrades (closes: #265860).
   * Move slappasswd to the slapd package, since it's now a symlink and
     isn't actually useful without the slapd binary (closes: #304339).
 openldap2.2 (2.2.23-2) unstable; urgency=low
   * debian/configure.options: Change localstatedir to /var from /var/run
     as the current upstream version adds /run to that during runtime for 
     slapi sockets etc. Problem: The database location is specified relative
     to localstatedir/openldap-data. Another thing to fix...
     (closes: #298271, #304491).
   * debian/slapd.scripts-common (load_databases): Reimplement automatic 
     fixing of LDIF data via the fix_ldif script. Only tried if an 
     initial slapadd using the original LDIF data fails. With this change
     upgrading from woody for some simple cases does work again.
   * Disabled the version check for Berkeley DB in upstream code. Any 
     libdb4.2 package should work but of course using the latest will give
     you the best results (closes: #300851).
   * debian/slapd.scripts-common (import_database): Removed, no longer used.
   * debian/slapd.scripts-common: Store the diagnostic output from
     slapadd and output it before aborting if the command failed.
   * debian/po/fr.po: Use the translations provided by Christian Perrier
     (closes: #304141).
   * debian/slapd.scripts-common: Use the -q option during slapadd to 
     improve performance.
   * debian/slapd.templates (slapd/dump_database_destdir): Apply rewording 
     changes from Thomas Prokosch. Gives the user more information about
     the usage of that directory.
     + Run debconf-updatepo to update the translation templates.
   * debian/slapd.templates: Clean up the debconf templates of the slapd
     packages by merging the changes suggested by Christian Perrier
     (closes: #302829). Thanks, Christian!
     + Changed the wording of some of the templates.
     + Adapt to the DTSG (Debconf Templates Style Guide).
     + Removed item slapd/admin which is not used anymore.
     + Run debconf-updatepo and send new fr.po to Christian Perrier.
   * debian/slapd.postinst: Make a backup copy of slapd.conf before changing
     anything (closes: #304485).
   * Trivial improvements: 
     + Don't ask to move contents of /var/lib/ldap if it does not even
       exist (but also is not an empty directory...) in initial config.
     + Move check for current installation status out of configure_dumping.
 openldap2.2 (2.2.23-1) unstable; urgency=low
   * debian/slapd.scripts-common: Move all shell functions of the maintainer 
     scripts here to have it all in one place.
   * Another pass over the maintainer scripts to remove cruft and tidy up
     the code a bit. Fixed some bugs on the way.
   * Test upgrade and installation revealed some bugs, mostly typos:
     + return in shell actually is "return $?", not "return 0" as I though
     + Referenced $src where $srcdir was meant.
     + Only load old directories on upgrade and not during initial 
 openldap2.2 (2.2.23-0.pre6) experimental; urgency=low
   Torsten Landschoff <torsten at>:
   * debian/slapd.postinst: Add a testing interface to test the helper
   * debian/slapd.postinst: Make sure that debconf actually displays the
     error message even if the user has already seen it before.
   * debian/slapd.postinst (compute_backup_path): Make function more robust
     in case we don't know the old version or the suffix of the database.
     Converted the backup dir to a more simple scheme which should be save
     against accidental overwriting.
   * Rewrote part of the maintainer scripts for correct handling of 
     directory dumps in preinst. New debconf questions etc.
   * Move the manpage of slappasswd to ldap-utils where slappasswd itself
     is included (closes: #300212).
     + debian/control: Add Replaces: slapd << 2.2.23-0.pre6 to ldap-utils.
     + debian/move_files: Move slappasswd manpage into ldap-utils.
   * debian/slapd.config: Don't fail if hostname is unset (pulled from 
     Ubuntu, thanks to Jeff Bailey). 
   * Applied patch by Quanah Gibson-Mount (directory administrator of Stanford)
     to add -q option to some tools for quick operation without updating
     logs. This is mostly for importing directories from LDIF backups.
   * Go back to libdb4.2 as OpenLDAP is known to have problems with BDB 4.3.
     + debian/control: Update dependencies for BDB 4.2.
     + debian/slapd.scripts-common: Mark all databases before this version
       as incompatible.
   * Fix some bashisms in maintainer scripts.
   * debian/slapd.postinst: Include the version of the backup in the 
     backup of a database directory.
   Carlo Contavalli <ccontavalli at>:
   * debian/slapd.init: Print command line if starting a daemon failed.
   * debian/slapd.postinst: Handle hdb backend just as if it was bdb.
   * debian/README.Debian: Add some notes about DB_CONFIG and how to run
     slapd under a different uid/gid.
   * Install an example DB_CONFIG file during initial configuration
     + slapd.postinst: Add a function to implement this and hook it into
     + debian/DB_CONFIG: Example DB_CONFIG that is installed.
     + debian/slapd.examples: Mark DB_CONFIG as an example.
   * servers/slapd/daemon.c: Actually change the permissions of the 
     unix socket if requested using an ldapi url with x-mod.
   * debian/slapd.scripts-common: change privileges of upgraded databases
     as indicated by SLAPD_USER and SLAPD_GROUP variables.
   * debian/slapd.scripts-common,slapd.postinst: corrected some minor 
 openldap2.2 (2.2.23-0.pre5) experimental; urgency=low
   * Apply NTLM patch from ximian-connector source package.
   * debian/slapd.postinst: Fix small typo leading to upgrade failures.
     Added some notes while wading through maintainer scripts.
   * debian/slapd.postinst: Make slapadd more noisy, writing the new
     directory to stderr if something goes wrong (should help for
     bug #236097).
   * Make slapd.init idempotent by adding --oknodo to start-stop-daemon
     invocations (closes: #298741). Kudos to Bill Allombert for this
   * slapd.postinst: Try to fix slapd.conf for syntactic and semantic changes
     introduced upstream into 2.2.x.
   * slapd.scripts-common: Make sure directories before 2.2.23 are dumped
     and reloaded on upgrade.
 openldap2.2 (2.2.23-0.pre4) experimental; urgency=low
   * Rename libldap2.2 to libldap-2.2-7 to match soname. Updated 
   * Checked the usage of the ucdata files shipped with libldap2 before. 
     Actually they stem from liblunicode which is only linked to slapd. 
     Therefore those files are shipped with slapd now. This change is 
     relevant so that multiple libldap-2.2-x packages can coexist later.
   * debian/control: Updated for slapd replacing files from libldap2.
   * debian/control: Recommend db4.3-util instead of db4.2-util as we are
     using the former version now for slapd.
   * debian/control: Add Build-Depends for libperl-dev, this time for
     real. I wonder what went wrong last time as it built correctly with
     pdebuild (closes: #297123).
 openldap2.2 (2.2.23-0.pre3) experimental; urgency=low
   * debian/slapd.prerm: Reformat and fix double stopping of slapd. Find 
     out which bug we are working around and document it.
   * debian/configure.options: Enable ACI support (closes: #101602).
     Looked through the source code and it seems to be properly 
     insulated to not make a difference when not used.
   * .../ Remove -s option from install invocations and let
     dh_strip handle stripping binaries (closes: #264448). 
   * debian/slapd.postinst: Code cleanup and reading, unused and duplicate
     code removed. Main body still needs fixing.
   * debian/slapd.postinst: Fixed chmod --reference calls to keep the
     permissions of slapd.conf. Putting data into the file using shell
     redirection recreates the file with default umask and owner, killing
     the permissions we applied using chod --reference after creating the
     file. Instead we change the permissions directly before renaming the
     file now. Wrapped it into a function and update the owner as well. 
     How do we do this correctly for ACLs etc.!? Thanks to Carlo Contavalli
     for pointing this out.
   * servers/slapd/main.c: Log a warning if writing the pidfile or writing
     the arguments file fails (closes: #261696).
   * debian/control: Add missing build dependency for perl development 
     library (closes: #297123).
 openldap2.2 (2.2.23-0.pre2) experimental; urgency=low
   * servers/slurpd/slurp.h: Relocate the default spool directory to 
     /var/spool/slurpd again.
   * Merged some changes done by Fabio M. Di Nitto for the ubuntu 
     distribution (thanks, Fabio!):
     + debian/slapd.{postinst,conf}: Checkpoint BDB databases every 512kb
       or 30 minutes by default.
     + debian/slapd.scripts-common: Make is_empty_dir less noisy on first
       install (cosmetic).
   * Applied some changes suggested by Ondrej Sury: 
     + debian/rules: Add MAKEVARS variable and set datadir =
       /usr/share/libldap2.2/ucdata instead of changing build/ as 
     + debian/move_files: Install /usr/share/libldap2.2 into libldap2.2
       and remove duplicate ldap.conf manpage.
     + debian/control: Let libldap2.2 dependon libldap2 for config files.
   * Also in Ondrej's patch: 
     + doc/man/man8/slapd.8: Refer to slapd.conf instead of ldap.h for
       loglevel documentation. Changed by ubuntu? I don't know...
   * debian/slapd.README.Debian: Update TLS/SSL information.
 openldap2.2 (2.2.23-0.pre1) experimental; urgency=low
   * Merge new upstream release 2.2.23.
   * Change name of source package to openldap2.2.
   * Fix AC_LIBOBJ for configure2.50.
   * Run libtoolize, aclocal-1.4 and autoconf2.50 to get a working
     configure script.
   * debian/slapd.init: Output failure reasons using "$failure" so that
     no glob substitution is done. Had a hard time grokking why slapd 
     would mention the contents of the current directory in its error 
   * debian/rules: Disable building -dev packages as we don't want 
     other packages to link against the new libraries before sarge.
     Remove the binary-indep target from the binary dependends list.
   * debian/control: Move packages that are no longer build into control-dev.
   * debian/configure.options: Build against OpenSSL with --with-tls
     (this can only be done for slapd itself, we need GnuTLS support
     before enabling this for libldap2.2-dev).
   * debian/control: Update build dependencies for libdb4.3 and OpenSSL.
 openldap2 (2.2.18-0.pre2) experimental; urgency=low
   * debian/check_config: Make sasl2 check more robust against file 
     format changes in config.status.
   * debian/libldap2.shlibs: Remove.
   * Update configure script using libtoolize, aclocal-1.4 and autoconf2.50
     to fix wrong shared library dependency in libldap2.2 (depended on 
     libldap2 by linking against the system's liblber).
   * debian/libldap2.README.Debian: Move to libldap2.2.README.Debian.
   * Lintian cleanup:
     + Run debconf-updatepo for debian/rules clean and manually as
     + Update config.guess and config.sub in debian/rules clean as well.
       First update done.
     + debian/rules (install): Fix the manpage section of the admin commands 
       from 8C to 8.
     + debian/rules (binary-arch): Run dh_fixperms to fix the permissions 
       on shared libraries.
 openldap2 (2.2.18-0.pre1) experimental; urgency=low
   * New upstream release.
   * Disable TLS for now.
   * debian/rules: Don't run autoheader and autoconf.
   * debian/configure.options: Recreated and updated for new setup.
   * debian/rules: Move slapd, slurpd from /usr/lib to /usr/sbin.
   * Rename library packages to include the OpenLDAP version.
   * Remove /etc/ldap/ldap*.conf from libldap2.2 to avoid clash with
     libldap2. Also add Replaces entry for libldap2 to allow overwriting
     for now. Needs fixing...
   * Instead of moving slapd from /usr/lib to /usr/sbin create a symlink.
     Seems like slapadd etc. are now all included in the slapd binary
     and all link to its binary.
   * debian/rules: Run dh_link for arch dependend packages.
   * configure: Fix broken libdb checking which forced static building of 
   * debian/slapd.conf: Fix access directive to use "attrs=" instead of
     "attribute=" which wasn't officially supported anyway.
 openldap2 (2.1.30-3) unstable; urgency=high
   * Urgeny high since previous releases were hardly usable (at least
     with TLS).
   * Roland Bauerschmidt <rb at>
     + libraries/libldap/gnutls.c, libraries/libldap/tls.c,
       include/ldap_pvt_gnutls.h: Use callback with
       gnutls_certificate_set_params_function to generate dh_params and
       rsa_params (this is also the way, it's done with OpenSSL). We need
       GNUTLS 1.0.9 for this. With the new version of libgcrypt, we also
       need to initialize threading explicitly. The previous
       segmentation faults resulted from the *global* param structure
       being recreated and freed for every session. Many thanks to
       Matthias Urlichs who helped debugging a lot and also packaged
       GNUTLS 1.0.16 very quickly... Closes: #244827.
     + debian/control: Add build dependency to libgcrypt11-dev (we're
       initializing it directly now) and change libgnutls10-dev to
     + libraries/libldap/gnutls.c: in tls_gnutls_need_{dh,rsa}_params
       (formerly ldap_gnutls_need_...), create temp files more securely,
       doing unlink before opening and opening them with O_EXCL. This is
       necessary because under Linux 2.6 all threads have the same PID.
       Thanks to Andrew Suffield for pointing this out.
     + debian/slapd.cron.daily: cron job to remove GNUTLS rsa_export and
       dh param cache files every day.
     + debian/slapd.README.Debian: add note that we use GNUTLS rather
       than OpenSSL.
 openldap2 (2.1.30-2) unstable; urgency=low
   * Roland Bauerschmidt <rb at>
     + debian/slapd.scripts-common: add missing space before !
       Closes: #251036, #253633, #257513.
   * Torsten Landschoff <torsten at>
     + Applied patch by Ralf Hack to support non-standard config file
       location in /etc/default/slapd (closes: #229195).
     + Applied patch to fix handling of abandoned commands 
       (closes: #254183). Thanks to Peter Marschall for submitting it.
     + Applied patch to fix memory leak after search (closes: #254184).
       Thanks again, Peter!
     + Applied trivial patch to support logging to DAEMON facility
       as well as LOCAL* (closes: #254186). Here you are, Peter ;)
 openldap2 (2.1.30-1) unstable; urgency=low
   * Torsten Landschoff <torsten at>:
     + debian/control: Have slapd conflict with libltdl3 version 1.5.4-1
       as with that version loading of .so files is broken which breaks
       slapd (closes: #249152).
     + Applied patch to fix Perl backend (closes: #245347). Kudos
       to Peter Marschall.
     + debian/configure.options: Enable building of Perl backend.
   * Roland Bauerschmidt <rb at>
     + debian/slapd.templates: replace 'domain' with 'DNS domain name'
       which is little more specific
     + debian/slapd.config: check if the domain has a valid syntax to
       prevent slapadd from failing. Closes: #235749.
     + New upstream version with fix for NS-MTA-MD5 hash length 
       checking. Closes: #226583.
 openldap2 (2.1.29-2) unstable; urgency=low
   * Roland Bauerschmidt <rb at>
     + debian/rules: Revert change to install ldapadd as symlink.
       Somehow, with that change, ldapadd didn't get installed at all.
       Closes: #243537.
 openldap2 (2.1.29-1) unstable; urgency=low
   * Stephen Frost <sfrost at>
     + libraries/gnutls.c: Generate and store RSA/DH parameters,
       based off a patch by Petr Vandrovec (though changed alot).
       Closes: #234639, #234593
   * Roland Bauerschmidt <rb at>
     + Merged new upstream release.
     + debian/slapd.prerm: add #DEBHELPER# token.
     + debian/control: have slapd depend on debconf (>= 0.5) to ensure
       it supports the seen flag.
     + debian/rules: ldapadd is installed as a hardlink to ldapmodify;
       use a symlink instead.
     + debian/slapd.{scripts-common,postinst,preinst,config}: Add new
       function read_slapd_conf that evaluates include statements.
 openldap2 (2.1.26-1) unstable; urgency=low
   * Torsten Landschoff <torsten at>:
     + Merged new upstream release.
     + debian/slapd.templates (slapd/purge_database): Set default value to 
     + debian/slapd.config (manual_configuration_wanted): Don't exit
       from the script directly if the user wants to configure 
       slapd manually (exit 0 -> return 0).
     + Build-depend on libgnutls10-dev instead of libgnutls7-dev and 
       rebuild (closes: #233833).
     + Move previous content of /var/lib/ldap away during creation of 
       an initial directory (closes: #228886, #233512).
     + debian/slapd.postrm: Remove flag files in /var/lib/slapd on purge.
     + Removed functionality (verbose error messages) from gnutls.c until
       it compiled with libgnutls10-dev :-((
     + debian/slapd.postinst: Overwrite existing /etc/ldap/slapd.conf (only
       reached during initial installation/dpkg-reconfigure).
 openldap2 (2.1.25-1) unstable; urgency=low
   * Roland Bauerschmidt <rb at>:
     + New upstream version.
       - Build against libdb4.2. Hopefully, this resolves the BDB
         lock ups when configured improperly.
     + debian/control: Have ldap-utils depend on the same version of
       libldap2, and libldap2 conflict with ldap-utils (<= 2.1.23-1).
       Closes: #216661.
     + debian/slapd.{templates,config}: Check if there are slave
       databases in slapd.conf lacking an updateref option, and warn
       about it. Closes: #216797.
     + debian/slapd.{templates,config,postinst,conf}: Ask which
       database backend to use (BDB or LDBM).
     + debian/slapd.README.Debian: cleanup
     + servers/slapd/back-bdb/dbcache.c: Turn off subdatabases. This
       is an incompatible database format change, but according to
       Howard Chu "using them (subdatabases) is known to cause deadlocks
       on multiprocessor machines, among other issues."
     + debian/control: add Recommends: db4.2-util to slapd
     + debian/control: add Recommends: libsasl2-modules to slapd and
       ldap-utils. Closes: #224058.
     + debian/slapd.{scripts-common,preinst,postinst}: Extended dump
       and restore code to deal with different versions for different
     + debian/control: Geez, centipede seems to have vanished a long
       time ago. So don't claim it's included in the slapd package.
     + debian/ created with servers/slapd/back-sql/
       rdbms_depends. Closes: #225807.
   * Torsten Landschoff <torsten at>:
     + debian/move_files: Install slappasswd into ldap-utils instead 
       of slapd as it's useful without slapd as well (closes: #228705).
     + debian/control: Make ldap-utils Replaces: slapd < 2.1.25 because
       of that change.
     + debian/control: Use libdb4.2-dev instead of libdb4.1-dev as a
       number of problems seem to be related to DB 4.1.
 openldap2 (2.1.23-1) unstable; urgency=low
   * Roland Bauerschmidt <rb at>:
     + New upstream version.
     + Applied fix for admin password breakage from Michael Beattie
       <mjb at>. Closes: #214270.
     + Added Dutch Debconf template translation by cobaco at
       Closes: #215373.
     + Bumped Standards-Version (no changes needed).
   * Torsten Landschoff <torsten at>:
     + debian/move_files: Install slappasswd into ldap-utils instead
       of slapd (closes: #228705).
 openldap2 (2.1.22-3) unstable; urgency=low
   * Call perl -w to run debian/dh_installscripts-common. Closes: #214054.
 openldap2 (2.1.22-2) unstable; urgency=high
   * Stephen Frost <sfrost at>
     + servers/slapd/daemon.c: Apply patch from head for select handling.
     + debian/rules: Fix build options to optimize correctly and to use
       DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS (Policy, 10.1). Closes: #202306
     + debian/slapd.conf: Add in ACL for root DSE explicitly.
     + debian/slapd.init: Add --oknodo in stop_slurpd. Closes: #202592
     + debian/rules: Need quotes around $(CFLAGS) on configure line.
     + debian/slapd.init: Remove \'s before quotes around pidfile.
     + debian/slapd.init: Add support for -h slapd flag. Closes: #201991
     + debian/slapd.default: Add variable $SLAPD_SERVICES for slapd -h.
     + libraries/libldap/tls.c: Apply patch from asuffield in #202741 to
       fix subjectAltName usage.  Closes: #202741
   * Torsten Landschoff <torsten at>:
     + Fix invocation of "head" in maintainer scripts and replace usage of
       [ foo -a bar ] by [ foo ] && [ bar ] (closes: #203292).
     + debian/slapd.postrm: Small cleanup, only remove the directory, not
       the backups, on purge.
     + debian/rules: Don't run the upstream install target if we did not
       rebuild the whole tree. Makes debugging maintainer script much more
     + debian/slapd.config: Cleaned up and restructured for readability.
     + debian/slapd.templates: Replaced the invalid_suffix template with
       invalid_config which is more general and can be used for any
       inconsistency in the initial configuration.
     + debian/slapd.postinst: Rewritten to eliminate all that spaghetti.
       Did not yet implement all old features again...
       - Now the #DEBHELPER# part is always reached so that the daemon
         will be restarted even if no automatic configuration is wanted
         (closes: #204008).
     + Fixed the undefined symbols in (closes: #195990).
     | Try -lpthread before -pthread to link the thread
       library. libtool does not pass -pthread through, -lpthread seems
       to work though.
     | libraries/libldap_r/ Add $(LTHREAD_LIBS) to
       UNIX_LINK_LIBS so that pthread is linked when creating a shared library
       as well.
   * Roland Bauerschmidt <rb at>:
     + debian/configure.options: change --localstatedir=/var/lib to
       --localstatedir=/var/run. Since localstatedir isn't used anywhere
       in the code, except for the ldapi socket (and examples in the
       manpages which are correct at the moment anyway), all this change
       does should be changing the default location of the ldapi socket
       from /var/lib/ldapi to /var/run/ldapi. Closes: #160965.
     + libraries/libldap/tls.c: In get_ca_list, walk through CACERTDIR
       manually if building against GNUTLS (since there is no equivalent
       to SSL_add_dir_cert_subjects_to_stack). Closes: #205609.
     + debian/slapd.preinst: create /var/backups/ldap/$oldver with
       permissions 0700. Also change permissions for /var/backups/ldap
       to 0700 if it already exists. Closes: #209019.
     + Added Japanese translation of Debconf templates by Kenshi Muto
       <kmuto at>. Closes: #210731.
     + debian/slapd.{postinst,preinst,config}: Replaced duplicate
       implementations of the same functions with one version and moved
       those into debian/slapd.scripts-common which will be included by
     + debian/slapd.preinst: before dumping the database, check if the
       backend is supported
     + debian/slapd.postinst:
       - add -q to grep call for allow bind_v2
       - readded pre-2.1 (woody) upgrade path (that is, dumping, fixing
         and reimporting the database)
 openldap2 (2.1.22-1) unstable; urgency=low
   * Stephen Frost <sfrost at>:
     + New upstream version (minor changes).
     + debian/control: Change build-deps to autoconf2.13, Closes: #201482
     + debian/rules: Add dh_compress -i for binary-indep.
     + debian/slapd.postinst: Give variable for read (avoids bashism).
     + configure/.in: Use upstream's version of back-meta/back-ldap fix.
 openldap2 (2.1.21-2) unstable; urgency=low
   * Stephen Frost <sfrost at>:
     + debian/slapd.preinst: slapcat here if possible, if slapcat not
       available then slapcat in postinst.  Also remove old unused
     + debian/slapd.postinst: Check if slapcat in preinst worked and use
       those results in preference.  Also moved to using /var/backups/ldap.
     + servers/slapd/daemon.c: Provide more information on socket/bind 
       failures. Patch submitted upstream. Closes: #94967.
     + ./configure, ./ Fix check for back_ldap in back_meta.
       back_ldap now included as module.  back_ldap and back_meta appear
       to load fine, though order may matter.  Closes: #196995.
     + debian/control: Add versioned Depends on perl, need recent version
       for migration script.
     + debian/slapd.{pre,post}inst: Allow for whitespace in postinst 
       before database definitions
     + debian/control: Drop the libldap2-dev Depends that aren't actually
     + debian/slapd.preinst: Add create_sed_script to create the script to
       deal with multi-line commands in slapd.conf.  Modify things to use
       sed script to preprocess slapd.conf before using it.  Remove
       support for whitespace preceeding commands.
     + debian/slapd.postinst: Add create_sed_script here too and modify
       everything to use it as necessary.  Also change everything to
       reference $SLAPD_CONF instead of /etc/ldap/slapd.conf everywhere.
       Remove support for whitespace preceeding commands.
     + debian/slapd.postinst: Removed all tabs.  Changed all sed scripts
       to used [:space:] instead of [space tab].
     + debian/slapd.postinst: Removed debugging statements from ldap_v2
       support handling code.
     + debian/slapd.preinst: Changed to use mktemp for sed script.
     + debian/slapd.postinst: Changed to use mktemp for sed script.
     + debian/slapd.config: If no hostname set just use
     + contrib/ldapc++/config.{sub,guess}: Resync back to upstream, no 
       reason not to, we don't even build this stuff...
     + debian/control: Change build-depends to libgnutls7-dev instead of
     + debian/rules: Now run autoconf && autoheader to pick up on the changes needed for GNU TLS.
     + debian/copyright: Added Steve Langasek (SL) copyright statement.
     + Patch from Steve Langasek for GNU TLS support, Closes: #198553
     | include/ldap_pvt_gnutls.h: Added for GNU TLS
     | Now uses GNU TLS where available.
     | servers/slapd/schema_init.c: Modified for GNU TLS- some functions
       removed because GNU TLS layer does not support them yet.
     | build/install-sh: Added for new autoconf.
     | libraries/libldap/ Changed to compile GNU TLS portions.
     | libraries/libldap/getdn.c: Stub function added, GNU TLS layer does 
       not support TLS certificates for authentication yet.
     | libraries/libldap/tls.c: Now calls GNU TLS functions instead of
     | libraries/libldap/gnutls.c: Added to support GNU TLS in place of
       OpenSSL for TLS connections.
     | libraries/libldap_r/ Changed to compile GNU TLS portions.
     + debian/slapd.postinst: remove temp file if upgrading or doing a
       reconfigure but the OLDSUFFIX and basedn match so that we do not
       move an empty file overtop of slapd.conf.  Closes: #190797.
     + debian/slapd.init: Inform user when not starting slapd due to
       no configuration file found.  Deals with users who select to not
       configure slapd during installation.
     + debian/slapd.init: Removed cat <<-EOF and got rid of associated
       tabs; best to not depend on tab vs. space distinction.
     + debian/slapd.config: Change debconf question names to be fully
       qualified in the $var from the for loop- organization is under
       shared/ and domain is under slapd/, not both under slapd/.
     + debian/slapd.postrm: Can not depend on debconf being around in
       postrm so check before attempting to source it.  Also protect
       against failure from db_get.
     + debian/slapd.postinst: Check for old directory and move it out
       of the way if it exists on new configure or reconfigure.
     + debian/slapd.postinst: Fix db_input's for error messages,
       should be high priority and need to || true them.
     + debian/slapd.postinst: Do not error exit once we've told the
       user about the problem, if there was one, with slapcat/slapadd.
     + debian/slapd.postinst: Make sure we get the organization before
       we attempt to fix_ldif on old slapcat output.  Default to unknown
       if the organization is not set.
     + debian/slapd.postinst: Be sure that slapd has been stopped before
       attempting to fix and slapadd old slapcat.
     + debian/slapd.postinst: Do not use --exec with s-s-d in postinst.
     + debian/slapd.postinst: grep calls need to be || true'd when no
       matching lines found is possible (this case is handled).
     + debian/slapd.postinst: Be very sure slapd has stopped before
       attempting to upgrade database.
     + debian/slapd.preinst: Use either the pidfile or exec if pidfile
       is not available when stopping.  Do not put \"\" around pidfile.
       Use $oldver instead of $2.
     + debian/slapd.config: Reask questions on a reconfigure.  Use the
       same logic as slapd.postinst for when to ask questions regarding
       the db.  Be sure to db_go after db_input's.
     + debian/slapd.templates: Fix allow_bind_v2 short description to
       make more sense since the default is off.
     + debian/slapd.preinst: Use perl instead of sed for handling conf.
     + debian/slapd.postinst: Use perl instead of sed for handling conf,
       use old sed method to insert \n's, user invoke-rc.d when slapd
       needs to be stopped.  Assume preinst shuts slapd down for upgrade.
     + debian/slapd.postinst: Only stop slapd on reconfigure.
   * Torsten Landschoff <torsten at>:
     + doc/man/man8/slapd.8: Refer to slapd.conf(5) for a description of 
       the debugging level (closes: #176980).
     + debian/move_files: Kill of the static archives of our backend 
       modules as they are of absolutely no use.
   * Steve Langasek <vorlon at>:
     + debian/slapd.postinst: Add a new function, get_database_list, that
       prints out the list of configured databases from slapd.conf
       one row at a time. Move all of the upgrade handling into a
       loop, and iterate through the configured databases.  Since the
       while loop is in fact a subshell, be sure to handle errors
       correctly.  We also have to look at the configured directory
       for each database, instead of assuming /var/lib/ldap.
       Closes: #190155, #190156.
     + debian/slapd.preinst: Simplify the handling of error status: if
       the slapcat fails, just remove the ldif file.  Also, add the
       suffix to the name of the output file, and add the
       get_database_list function here as well.
   * Roland Bauerschmidt <rb at>:
     + debian/rules: call dh_makeshlibs with -plibldap2 rather than just
       with libldap2
     + debian/slapd.postinst: Add question about no configuration.
     + debian/slapd.templates: Add template for no config question.
     + debian/slapd.templates: Add template for invalid suffix.
     + debian/slapd.config: Add no configuration option.  Closes: #87986
     + debian/slapd.config: Complain to the user on invalid domain/org.
 openldap2 (2.1.21-1) unstable; urgency=low
   * Torsten Landschoff <torsten at>:
     + Merged new upstream release.
   * Stephen Frost <sfrost at>:
     + debian/control: Add libbind-dev and bind-dev to the conflicts for 
       slapd, the libs in them can end up being used even when not 
       compiled against causing getaddrinfo() to fail. Closes: #166777
     + debian/copyright: Flush out the copyright file to include all found 
       copyrights and updates to those.
     + debian/copyright: Add clarification of MA license
     + debian/copyright: Add clarification of JC license
     + debian/slapd.templates: More clearly inform users of important 
       config change.  Closes: #194192.
     + debian/control: Remove patch from build-depends (dpkg-dev depends on it)
     + debian/fix_ldif: Correctly handle base64-encoded DNs.  Closes: #197014.
     + debian/slapd.templates: Added templates for asking about LDAPv2 support 
       and telling the user of slapcat/slapadd failures during upgrade. 
     + debian/slapd.postinst: Added support for adding LDAPv2 support
     + debian/slapd.postinst: Modified to handle slapcat/slapadd failure.
       In the event of an upgrade failure the database will be left untouched
       and the user notified.  Closes: #192431
     + debian/slapd.postinst: Use ldif_dump_location in more places...
     + debian/slapd.prerm: Check if upgrade failed and assume bad old init.d
       script was used and attempt to shut down slapd with --oknodo in case
       slapd isn't running.  Closes: #193854. (Again)
     + debian/slapd.conf: Add commented out allow line
     + debian/rules: Tell dh_installinit to not touch slapd.prerm now.
     + debian/slapd.postinst: Do a dry-run with slapadd first and check if
       that worked or not.  If it did not work then tell the user, otherwise
       do a real slapadd which should work.
     + debian/slapd.postinst: Make sure slapd is stopped before doing
       slapadd/slapcat's and the like. (Note: The woody version does not
       stop slapd).  Closes: #189777.
     + debian/slapd.postinst: Check if directories exist before attempting
       to mkdir them.  Closes: #189947
     + debian/slapd.README.debian: Add note about runlevel issue. 
       Closes: #175736
     + debian/move_files: Copy ldiftopasswd into /usr/share/slapd for users
       to use, if they find it useful.  Closes: #94963.
     + debian/slapd.README.Debian: Added note about ldiftopasswd.
   * Roland Bauerschmidt <rb at>:
     + debian/slapd.postinst: fixed typos and check for the existence of
       slapd.conf before reading it.
 openldap2 (2.1.17-3) unstable; urgency=low
   * Stephen Frost <sfrost at>:
     + debian/slapd.init: Add --oknodo for stopping slapd. Closes: #192423, #193854.
     + debian/slapd.init: Change START_SLURPD to SLURPD_START. Closes: #190724.
     + debian/libldap2.shlibs: Bump to 2.1.17- 2.1.12 never hit the archive.
       These should only be bumped when new symbols are added so we should
       figure out a way to handle checking that.
     + debian/slapd.dirs: Added /var/run/slapd for pidfile
     + debian/slapd.conf: Moved pidfile to /var/run/slapd; Needed if running
     + debian/slapd.conf: Clean up config file, be more explicit about what
       directives are 'general', 'backend', and 'database'.  Moved and
       commented out 'replogfile' since it is database specific, wasn't doing
       anything where it was and use of it depends on slurpd usage.
       I consider this solving #151511 since we don't ask if you want to use
       replication anymore anyway. Closes: #151511
     + debian/copy_slapd_dev_files: Added to copy the include files for
       building slapd back-ends.
     + debian/control: Add warning about libslapd2-dev
     + debian/control: Add build-depend on po-debconf for dh_installdebconf
     + debian/slapd.default: Add option for settings SLAPD_CONF file
     + debian/slapd.init: Changed to use SLAPD_CONF, setting it to
       /etc/ldap/slapd.conf if it is not specified. Closes: #91318
     + debian/control: Added libslapd2-dev to control file. Closes: #192163.
     + debian/rules: Added binary-indep to the binary: build line and flushed
       it out to build the libslapd2-dev deb.  Added -k to dh_clean since we're
       building arch and indep debs now.
     + Maintainer upload, acknowledge NMU. Closes: #98039.
     + Add debian/po/fr.po from 194740.  Closes: #194740
     + Add space before ']' on line 113 of postinst. Closes: #194192, #194943
   * Torsten Landschoff <torsten at>:
     + debian/control: Enforce libldap2 to be the same version as slapd
       as slapd (legitimately) uses internal functions of that library
       (closes: #190164).
     + debian/slapd.postinst: Fix the regexp for finding the database
   * Steve Langasek <vorlon at>:
     + debian/slapd.preinst: don't use debconf or ldapsearch in the
       preinst, as this is a policy violation (even if a previous
       version was installed, it could've been removed-but-not-purged).
       Closes: #189811, #195029.
     + debian/slapd.{pre,post}inst: dump & fix up the directory in the
       postinst, not in the preinst -- using slapcat/slapadd, not
       ldapmodify.  This ensures that the dump will succeed whenever the
       database is present, rather than depending on access to an admin
       dn.  Closes: #190085.
     + debian/fix_ldif, debian/move_files, debian/copyright: add Dave
       Horsfall's dn-fixing script, to handle objectClass upgrading
     + debian/slapd.postinst: Skip the duplicate prompting for the
       organization name; we're guaranteed to always have one.
 openldap2 (2.1.17-2) unstable; urgency=low
   * The who-says-slavery-is-dead upload.
   * Steve Langasek <vorlon at>:
     + debian/slapd.postinst: Fix the database regexp.
     + debian/slapd.postinst: Only add moduleload lines *once* on upgrade
       from 2.0.  Wrap the backup code with a check for
       /var/lib/slapd/upgrade_2.0, to guarantee idempotency.
       Closes: #190401.
     + debian/slapd.{config,templates,postinst}: On dpkg-reconfigure,
       don't wipe out an existing config; only merge in any requested
       changes.  Also, prompt before wiping out the existing db.
       Closes: #190799.
     + debian/slapd.{postinst,examples},debian/rules: Move slapd.conf
       from doc/slapd/examples to /usr/share/slapd, per policy.
     + debian/slapd.postinst: make sure slapd.conf is always created
     + debian/slapd.postrm: If removing databases on package purge,
       remove any database backups as well.
   * Torsten Landschoff <torsten at>:
     + debian/configure.options: Disable ACIs because they are still 
     + debian/control: Change section and priority of libldap2-dev to
       libdevel and extra respectively (dinstall message).
     + debian/slapd.preinst: Only query the object classes of the root
       dn if there was no error parsing the config.
     + Update templates for po-debconf using the patch submitted by 
       Andre Luis Lopes (closes: #189933).
     + Use [[:space:]] instead of [\t ] in sed invocations since the 
       latter does not seem to work (reported by Daniel Lutz).
     + debian/control: Add Replaces: entry for openldapd since ldif.5.gz
       was included in the potato package of that name (closes: #190660).
     + debian/control: Tighten the build dependency on libtldl3-dev as
       versions before 1.4.3 required the .la file for dynamic binding
       (thanks to Josip Rodin for pointing this out).
 openldap2 (2.1.17-1) unstable; urgency=low
   * New upstream release.
   * Torsten Landschoff <torsten at>:
     + debian/slapd.init: Improve the error reporting. If nothing is output
       by the failing command don't leave the user alone but print a hint
       to look into the logfile etc.
     + debian/control: Require at least version 2.1.3 of libsasl2-dev
       as this is what the configure script checks for. Pointed out by
       Norbert Tretkowski.
     + debian/slapd.{pre,post}inst: Small cleanups, added some comments, 
       adapted for the removal of the .la files in slapd package. 
 openldap2.1 (2.1.16-1) unstable; urgency=low
   * New upstream release.
     + build/ Remove patch to omit "-static" at linking time. Upstream
       now respects the --enable-shared flag used at configuration time.
     + debian/slapd.postinst: Automagically add the module load directives
       after upgrade as needed.
     + debian/slapd.config: 
       - Only ask questions to create a new directory on fresh install.
       - Ask wether the right modules should automatically be loaded in 
     + debian/slapd.templates: Add the templates for autoloading modules
       and fixing the directory.
     + debian/slapd.preinst: New script to support upgrading from 2.0. 
       The old prerm did not stop the daemon so we have to do it here. 
       Also a first attempt to fix broken LDAP directories not acceptable
       to 2.1.
       - Conditionally load debconf when upgrading as it only has to 
         be available in that case.
     + debian/slapd.preinst: Dump database before upgrade.
     + debian/slapd.postinst: Recreate database from dump after upgrade. 
       Move old database out of the way.
   * Roland Bauerschmidt <rb at>
     + debian/slapd.README.Debian: mention that backend database modules are
       now compiled as shared objects
   * Stephen Frost <sfrost at>
     + debian/slapd.conf: Drop the '.la' file extension
     + debian/move_files: Drop and rm the .la files, they aren't necessary.
     + debian/slapd.README.Debian: Dropped the .la from the module_load line.
     + servers/slapd/daemon.c: check slapd_srvurls is not NULL before
       deref; included in upstream CVS.
     + servers/slapd/back-*/init.c: Change the munged symbol names to 
       init_module, they do not need to be munged, and cause problems when
       they are and not using .la files (which cause other problems)
     + servers/slapd/module.c: Change to use lt_dlopenext() so we don't
       need the .la files
 openldap2.1 (2.1.12-1) experimental; urgency=low
   * Initial release of OpenLDAP 2.1 packages. Closes: #167566, #178014.
     - this includes support for the >= and <= operators. Closes: #159078.
     - fixes various upstream bugs. Closes: #171008.
   * Torsten Landschoff <torsten at>
     - debian/check_config: Added script to check if OpenLDAP was configured
       the way we want it.
     - Don't build special TLS packages anymore - SSL is enabled in the
       stock ldap library. Everything else will just give me more headaches.
     - Build against libsasl2 instead of libsasl1. Closes: #176462.
     - debian/control:
       - Build-depend on debhelper 4.0 as debian/rules uses DH_COMPAT=4.
       - Depend on coreutils | fileutils. Closes: #175704, #185676.
       - Make libldap2 conflict with libldap2-tls which is obsolete now.
     - debian/rules: Move the long list of configure options to a new
       file debian/configure.options and read $(CONFIG) from that file.
     - configure with --enable-aci. Closes: #101602.
     - debian/slapd.init: Rewrite and add comments.
       - Add support for running as non-root (closes: #111765, #157037).
     - servers/slapd/main.c (main): Remove pid file on exit (closes: #162284).
     - servers/slurpd/slurp.h: Change the default spool directory to
       /var/spool/slurpd (avoids passing it via -t in init.d).
     - servers/{slapd,slurpd}/ Install binaries into sbindir
       instead of libexecdir.
     - debian/control: Add Stephen Frost to the Uploaders field. Thanks
       for your help, Stephen!
     - contrib/ldapc++/config.{guess,sub}: Replaced with current files from
       autotools-dev (lintian). Not actually neccessary since this part of
       the package is not currently built but I think this is the best way
       to shut up lintian :)
     - build/ Use -m 644 instead of -m 755 in installing shared
       libraries. Shared libraries should not be marked as executable
     - debian/libldap2.conffiles: Remove, since we are using version 4
       of debhelper which tags everything in /etc as conffile by default.
     - debian/rules: Change the mode of everything upstream installed into
       /etc to 0644 as required by policy (lintian).
     - debian/rules: Call dh_installdeb later in the binary target so that
       the conffiles are already there for listing. Without this nothing in
       /etc gets tagged as conffile... (lintian).
     - debian/rules: Pass the start and stop priority of slapd to
       dh_installinit in preparation for a postinst supported by debhelper.
     - debian/rules: Call dh_installdirs again.
     - Rewrite slapd.config, slapd.postinst, slapd.templates - a first try
       in getting slapd to configure itself. Way to go.
   * Roland Bauerschmidt <rb at>
     - debian/control:
       - build-depend on libdb4.1-dev instead of libdb4.0-dev
       - conflict, replace, and provide libldap2-tls (libldap2)
       - removed ldap-gateways binary package
       - drop suggestion to obsolete openldap-guide. Closes: #171894, #146968.
     - debian/rules:
       - build with BDB backend
       - run dh_installdeb
       - only run dh_makeshlibs for libldap2
     - debian/slapd.dirs: added to create /var/lib/ldap and /var/spool/slurpd
     - debian/slapd.postinst:
       - properly remove temporary files on errors. Closes: #160412.
       - install init.d link if slapd.conf already exists. Closes: #159542.
       - run db_stop even if package isn't configured for the first time. This
         prevents hanging during upgrades.
     - added debian/slapd.default and use it from debian/slapd.init.
       Closes: #160964, #176832.
     - added debian/slapd.README.Debian
     - added versioned dependency on coreutils to make lintian quiet.
     - added debian/slapd.postrm
       - remove slapd.conf when package is purged
       - remove /var/lib/ldap when slapd/purge_database is true
       - remove /etc/ldap/schema if empty. Closes: #185173.
     - debian/templates: added slapd/purge_database template
     - build/ link against libcrypt before other SECURITY_LIBS
     - debian/libldap2.shlibs: tighten dependencies. Closes: #181168.
   * Stephen Frost <sfrost at>
     - debian/control: added libltdl2-dev and libslp-dev to the build-depends
     - Correct typo for back-sql init routine; already in OpenLDAP upstream
     - Correct free of SASL interact results; already in OpenLDAP upstream CVS
     - Duplicate the DN from SASL to ensure '\0' termination; already in
       OpenLDAP upstream CVS
     - debian/control: added Replaces: slapd (<< 2.1) for ldap-utils due to
       ldif.5 move.
     - Add modulepath /usr/lib/ldap to default slapd config
     - Add moduleload back_bdb to default slapd config
     - Changed libexecdir to ${prefix}/lib
     - Add usr/lib/ldap to slapd portion of move_files
     - Modified backend types to be built as modules for dynamic loading
     - Fixed pt_BR translation
 openldap2 (2.0.27-3) unstable; urgency=high
   * [SECURITY]: Apply the patch used by SuSE in SuSE-SA:2002:047
     (or rather the parts of it not yet included upstream).
 openldap2 (2.0.27-2) unstable; urgency=low
   * debian/control: Make libldap2-dev depend on libssl-dev and 
     libsasl-dev, since those libs are pulled via the file
     (closes: #164791).
   * debian/control: Add shlibs:Depends to libldap2-tls as well. Most 
     of those depends are pulled via libldap2 but of course libssl 
     is not among those. (closes: #169950).
   * debian/libldap2-tls: Remove old divertions on "configure" and not
     on "upgrade" - the latter is not really called.
 openldap2 (2.0.27-1) unstable; urgency=low
   * New upstream release.
 openldap2 (2.0.23-14) unstable; urgency=low
   * debian/rules: Remove search paths from .la files using some perl 
     trickery (closes: #110479).
   * debian/libldap2.README.debian: Document the NSS problem which stops /usr
     from being unmounted cleanly when using libnss-ldap (for more info
     see bug#159771).
   * Started cleaning up the maintainer scripts: 
     - Remove creation of the /usr/doc symlinks (lintian).
     - Don't run ldconfig in prerm scripts (lintian).
 openldap2 (2.0.23-13) unstable; urgency=low
   * As Ashley Clark found out the preinst of libldap-tls fails for a new
     install. My fault - I did not check that (removing ldap is cumbersome
     if you are using it... :) and the scripts were only checked without
     "set -e" in effect. 
     + debian/libldap2-tls.preinst: Apply Ashley's patch (thanks a lot, 
       Ashley. closes: #162123).
     + Coincidently the other installation scripts seem to be okay, the
       failing command is in the middle of a pipe and therefore ignored.
 openldap2 (2.0.23-12) unstable; urgency=low
   * Apply the patch from upstream ITS#2012 to support MD5 hashes. Problem
     is that OpenSSL comes with its own version of the crypt() function
     which is linked in instead of the system's version from libcrypt. 
     The patch changes the link order so that slapd takes the system's
   * debian/rules: Pass --enable-crypt-first to configure to enable the
     patch (closes: #160763).
   * Fix the diversion handling of libldap2-tls:
     - preinst:  Only install diversions that are not there.
     - postrm:   Remove this package's diversions.
     - postinst: Remove obsolete diversions after upgrade.
     - Removal of diversions is done in reverted order of the installation.
   * Enable DNSSRV support as requested by Turbo. No Kerberos for now, sorry.
   * debian/control: Updates Standards-Version to 3.5.7 and fix running
     of ldconfig in maintainer scripts.
 openldap2 (2.0.23-11) unstable; urgency=low
   * debian/rules: Build with --with-tls (closes: #80591, #155937).
   * debian/control: 
     + Add build dependency on libssl-dev.
     + Specify Roland Bauerschmidt as co maintainer.
   * Added the trickery to have libldap2 without TLS and libldap2-tls
     with the TLS stuff. Otherwise we have to change the base system, 
     and god knows how long that would take. 
     Most of the changes done by Roland Bauerschmidt. We now build the 
     source two times - with and without ssl. We mostly use the ssl enabled
     stuff with the exception of a libldap2 package which does not have 
     support for that. If you need TLS support you have to install 
     libldap2-tls, which diverts the libraries from libldap2 out of the
     way and replaces them with the TLS enabled version.
 openldap2 (2.0.23-10) unstable; urgency=low
   * debian/control: Build depend on libdb4.0-dev instead of libdb3-dev.
     This should fix the index corruption problems (closes: #152959).
 openldap2 (2.0.23-9) unstable; urgency=low
   * debian/slapd.init: Wait for the daemons to actually terminate for
     the stop action (which is used for restart) and trap all errors 
     (closes: #148033).
   * debian/rules: Build with -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 to support files
     bigger than 2GB on all architectures (closes: #155197). As off_t is
     about never used in the source that should not create any problems.
   * debian/control: Make libldap2-dev depend on libsasl-dev 
     (closes: #135223, #96957).
   * doc/man/man1/ldapmodify.1: Fix typo (closes: #105905).
   * debian/rules: Create symlinks for some manpages (closes: #99547).
   * Fix spelling error in description of ldap-gateways (closes: #124859).
   * debian/copyright: Include the full content of the LICENSE file
     (closes: #151222).
 openldap2 (2.0.23-8) unstable; urgency=low
   * New maintainer.
   * debian/control: Build-Conflict with libbind-dev to use the right
     resolver library everywhere (closes: #112459). Of course, the 
     real solution must be to fix the configure script to not detect
     libbind-dev and use the right resolver all the time. But a work around
     is better than nothing I would say...
 openldap2 (2.0.23-7) unstable; urgency=low
   * Add Brazilian translation for debconf templates. Closes: Bug#114021
   * Fix hostless LDAP URLs, patch from Lamont Jones. Closes: Bug#140387
 openldap2 (2.0.23-6) unstable; urgency=high
   * Make slapd.config idempotent, so that calling it once (during
     preconfiguration) and again (during postinst) doesn't break things.
     Patch from Anthony Towns. Closes: Bug#137552).
 openldap2 (2.0.23-5) unstable; urgency=high
   * Fix slurpd invocation in slapd.init. Closes: Bug#141959
   * Ask for admin DN when using LDIF initialization as well.
     Lets hope this finally Closes: Bug#137552
   * Merge German translation for debconf templates. Closes: Bug#141712
   * Add Build-Depends on debconf-utils since we use debconf-mergetemplate
   * Remove bogus error from slapd.init. Closes: Bug#137718
 openldap2 (2.0.23-4) unstable; urgency=high
   * Only show already-configured note on initial installs. Closes: Bug#137100
   * Supply -t option to slurpd when starting it, not when stopping it.
     Closes: Bug#136240
   * Use db_input instead of db_get for notes in the slapd postinst.
   * Only fetch password from debconf when not using ldif initialization.
     Closes: Bug#138558,#137552
   * Check if slapd.conf exists in slapd postinst. Closes: Bug#138136
 openldap2 (2.0.23-3) unstable; urgency=high
   * If can not get a password for the admin entry when installing slapd
     generate one randomly. Closes: Bug#134774
   * Bump shlibs dependency to 2.0.23
 openldap2 (2.0.23-2) unstable; urgency=high
   * Create /var/spool/slurpd and tell slurpd to use that as temporary
     directory. Closes: Bug#134564
   * Improve debconf prompts a bit. Closes: Bug#134945
   * Properly set default value for domain
   * Clear crypted password from debconf after creating the LDAP directory
 openldap2 (2.0.23-1) unstable; urgency=high
   * Upstream updated config.{guess,sub} so we are back to zero patches
   * Apply fix from Klaus Duscher for the missing password problem: the
     config script did not check if it was run twice without slapd.conf
     being generated in between and would abort with a missing password
     error. Closes: Bug#132566
   * Change slapd priority for boot sequence to start earlier and stop
     later so people can use LDAP for NSS purposes. Closes: Bug#130277
 openldap2 (2.0.22-2) unstable; urgency=low
   * Update config.{guess,sub} again. Closes: Bug#131469
 openldap2 (2.0.22-1) unstable; urgency=low
   * New upstream version
   * Build properly as non-native package
 openldap2 (2.0.21-3) unstable; urgency=high
   * Add logic to config and postinst to configure replication as well
   * Don't fail in slapd postinst if we can't stop slapd. Closes: Bug#131617
   * Change localstatedir to /var/lib
   * Remove /var/lib/ldap when purging slapd
   * Don't remove user-supplied ldif file after creating the directory
   * Set default replogfile
   * Fix typo in severity for no_password note
   * Encrypt admin password and remove it from the debconf database
 openldap2 (2.0.21-2) unstable; urgency=medium
   * Update config.{guess,sub} and forwarded upstream (ITS#1567).
     Closes: Bug#131469
   * Remove -x from slapd postinst. Closes: Bug#131502
 openldap2 (2.0.21-1) unstable; urgency=high
   * New upstream version,
   * Update copyright
   * Update config.guess and config.sub
   * Redone packaging, no more dbs or debhelper
   * Drop all patches, they are either unnecessary or alternatives have
     been made upstream
 openldap2 (2.0.14-1) unstable; urgency=high
   * New upstream version, which includes a billion second bug.
     Closes: Bug#111833
   * Drop 005_libldbm_dbopen, upgrading the database in place no longer works
     with the new db-env code.
   * Redo 008_porting_maxpathlen
 openldap2 (2.0.11-2) unstable; urgency=low
   * Test if /etc/init.d/slapd is executable when purging slapd.
     Closes: Bug#100938
   * Update 008_porting_maxpathlen. Closes: Bug#100584
   * Don't use four11 as referral example anymore. Closes: Bug#99998
   * Fix synopsis of slapindex manpage. Added to 002_man_fixes.
     Closes: Bug#98805
   * Removed stray backup file from 002_man_fixes
 openldap2 (2.0.11-1) unstable; urgency=low
   * New upstream version
   * Add autoconf to Build-Depends. Closes: Bug#99440
   * Fix new db upgrade patch. Closes: Bug#98853
 openldap2 (2.0.10-2) unstable; urgency=low
   * Tighten shlibs dependency to >= 2.0.1-1. Closes: Bug#98683
 openldap2 (2.0.10-1) unstable; urgency=low
   * New upstream version
   * New maintainer
   * Remove useless LINE_WIDTH bit from patch 000_clients
   * Patch 004_ssl_fix has been merged upstream, removed
   * Redo 005_db3_upgrade 
   * Rediff all other patches
 openldap2 (2.0.7-6) unstable; urgency=low
   * Make sure autoconf is run if is changed (for Hurd patch),
     closes: #96145
   * Fix slapd.postinst in the case of using an ldif file, closes: #95600
   * Use a var for slapd.conf in slapd init script. Partially fixes bug
   * Fixed hurd patch for strrchr in replog.c, closes: #93605
 openldap2 (2.0.7-5) unstable; urgency=low
   * Fixed db3 upgrade code, closes: #92331, #92916
   * m68k should compile fine with db3 now, closes: #90165
   * Included provided patch for Hurd compilation, closes: #88079
 openldap2 (2.0.7-4) unstable; urgency=low
   * slapd.conf is no longer a conffile, and not provided by the package.
     Instead, it is only generated. closes: #81359
   * Fixed by previous upload, closes: #71852, #78950, #82491
   * Actually install the netscape schema, closes: #90323
   * Add comment to README.Debian about being compiled with libwrap,
     closes: #84954
   * Provide example sasl config file, closes: #90855
   * Conflict replace openldap-utils (ldap-utils), and libopenldap-dev
     (libldap2-dev), closes: #71471
   * Revert to using some code to upgrade previous db's. Remove slapd's dep
     on db3-util, and remove postinst code that upgrades the db's.
 openldap2 (2.0.7-3) unstable; urgency=low
   * netscape-profile.schema: new schema for old roaming support
   * 004_ssl_fix.diff: Fix for SSL support (not compiled in, but some
     people use it).
   * slapd.config: FINALLY fix the "dc=" base bug.
   * Build-Depend on libdb3-dev now that it is available.
   * Now that we use db3, make sure we upgrade existing databases to the
     db3 format with db3_upgrade.
 openldap2 (2.0.7-2) unstable; urgency=low
   * slapd.postinst: fix debhelper wraper so it gets the right @argv,
     closes: #71854
   * sendmail appears to be compiled against glibc2.2/libdb2 now,
     closes: #71602
   * %strace ldapsearch cn=admin | & grep /etc | grep ldap
     open("/etc/ldap/ldap.conf", O_RDONLY)   = 3
     closes: #71716
   * ldap_first_attribute.3: s/ber_free(3)/ber_free/. closes: #76719
   * init.d/slapd: fix reference to pidfile, and also remove the pidfile
     after killing the daemon, closes: #77633, #77635
   * Fix fgets buffer size thinko in slurpd. closes: #78003
   * slapd.8: s/ldap.h/slapd.conf(5)/. closes: #80457
 openldap2 (2.0.7-1) unstable; urgency=low
   * New upstream
   * Removed hack for shlibs now that dpkg 1.7 is available, added dpkg-dev
     1.7.1 to build-depends.
   * start using DH_COMPAT=2
 openldap2 (2.0.2-2) unstable; urgency=low
   * Recompile against libdb2/glibc 2.1.94/sasl
 openldap2 (2.0.2-1) unstable; urgency=low
   * New upstream version, includes some patches from me that fix some
     stability issues
   * debian/control:Build-Depends: change libwrap-dev to libwrap0-dev for
     clarity, closes: #71366
   * debian/rules: make sure mail500 docs do not get installed under bogus
     subdirs, closes: #71473
   * debian/,debian/scripts/ Fix and document
     build system better, closes: #71584
   * debian/local/slapd.conf: Setup default ACL's to work with openldap2
     correctly, closes: #71127, #71131
   * debian/README: document how to access OpenLDAP 1 servers via
     ldap-utils, closes: #71469
   * debian/rules:CFLAGS: add -I/usr/include/db2 to make sure we get the
     right <db.h> header, closes: #71470
   * I cannot reproduce this. In debian/rules I have done exactly what is
     needed to keep it from happening, and sparc, i386 and powerpc builds
     do not show it, closes: #71472
 openldap2 (2.0.1-2) unstable; urgency=low
   * Fixed up depend for libldap2 on itself
 openldap2 (2.0.1-1) unstable; urgency=low
   * New upstream version
   * Added libsasl-dev to build-deps, closes: #70923
 openldap2 (2.0-1) unstable; urgency=low
   * Initial release of OpenLDAP 2 test code
 b06a8cd1229d2089e82f9fe44460c3bf 2971010 net optional openldap2.3_2.3.29.orig.tar.gz
 2f7bdb16f4784415951a903eb9ce2907 1193 net optional openldap2.3_2.3.29-1.dsc
 cdb02597058efc0a27ca24a454a77f1b 581376 net optional openldap2.3_2.3.29-1.diff.gz

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