Accepted libapache-mod-removeip 1.0b-3 (source)

Scott James Remnant scott at
Fri Nov 17 02:18:25 GMT 2006

libapache-mod-removeip 1.0b-3 was ACCEPTED.
	Component: universe Section: web

Origin: Debian/unstable
Format: 1.7
Date: Thu,  16 Nov 2006 23:24:29 +0000
Source: libapache-mod-removeip
Binary: libapache-mod-removeip, libapache2-mod-removeip
Architecture: source
Version: 1.0b-3
Distribution: feisty
Urgency: high
Maintainer: Mod_removeip Packaging Group <mod_removeip at>
Changed-By: Scott James Remnant <scott at>
 libapache-mod-removeip - Module to remove IP from apache's logs
Closes: 391786
 libapache-mod-removeip (1.0b-3) unstable; urgency=high
   * Updated debian/control to depend on apache2.2-common
     instead of apache2-common and increase versioned build 
     depends on apache2-threaded-dev to 2.2 (Closes: #391786)
 libapache-mod-removeip (1.0b-2) unstable; urgency=low
   [Micah Anderson]
   * Release
   * Added a patch to replace "localhost" by a correct IP
 libapache-mod-removeip (1.0b-1) unstable; urgency=low
   * New upstream release
   * Removed duplicated CHANGES in docs
   * Updated README.Debian with some details from Alster's mail.
 libapache-mod-removeip (0.2-2) unstable; urgency=low
   * Fixed apache2 module configuration location
   * Updated README.Debian to have debian way for apache2
   * Updated standards revision to 3.7.2 (no changes)
   * Removed substvars from diff
   * Added Build-dependency on dpatch
   * Added myself to Uploaders field
   * Changed modules configs to have standard names
   * Updated long description to be more verbose
 libapache-mod-removeip (0.2-1) unstable; urgency=low
   * Initial Release.
   * Fixed some warnings at compilation time.
 a04cebe2c3f6a5727bfa95555e8de35b 2602 web optional libapache-mod-removeip_1.0b.orig.tar.gz
 6fb0b8d4478c3bc03d002e8067917e86 778 web optional libapache-mod-removeip_1.0b-3.dsc
 92b8daf9739ffe247f4c12ccbb81e817 8059 web optional libapache-mod-removeip_1.0b-3.diff.gz

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