Accepted glom 1.3.5-0ubuntu1 (source)

Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at
Fri Dec 22 11:35:14 GMT 2006

 OK: glom_1.3.5-0ubuntu1.dsc
     -> Component: universe Section: gnome
 OK: glom_1.3.5.orig.tar.gz
 OK: glom_1.3.5-0ubuntu1.diff.gz

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Format: 1.7
Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2006 11:09:39 +0100
Source: glom
Binary: libglom-dev glom libglom0
Architecture: source
Version: 1.3.5-0ubuntu1
Distribution: feisty
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Daniel Holbach <daniel.holbach at>
Changed-By: Daniel Holbach <daniel.holbach at>
 glom       - database designer and user interface
 libglom-dev - Glom library (a database designer and user interface) - header fi
 libglom0   - Glom library (a database designer and user interface) - library
 glom (1.3.5-0ubuntu1) feisty; urgency=low
   * New upstream release:
     - Self-hosting of databases is now possible:
       - When you create a new database (from scratch, or by opening an
         example template), you will be asked whether you want to create it
         locally or on an external database server. If you create it locally
         then the database data will be contained in a local directory, and
         a separate postgres process will be started to host it.
       - When you open an existing .glom file, if it was created as
         self-hosting, then the data will be found and hosted automatically.
       - This is experimental, so please do report bugs. If you start from the
         terminal then you should see interesting debug output.
     - Added help documentation for the connection error dialogs, with a link
       to the web page about setting up PostgreSQL.
   * debian/rules:
     - added --with-postgres-utils=/usr/lib/postgresql/8.1/bin.
   * debian/control:
     - Suggests: postgresql-8.1
     - add a little text blurb about it.
 2e0a69924469750f6ee05d698bc49279 1056 gnome optional glom_1.3.5-0ubuntu1.dsc
 f4ff99adb4005705f0957ca0c0fcf61b 1628667 gnome optional glom_1.3.5.orig.tar.gz
 a014b62f49cf9576ff2c341a41f832b4 10692 gnome optional glom_1.3.5-0ubuntu1.diff.gz

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