Gnome problems after wrong updating from 12.04 to 13.04

Giacomo Trovato giacomo.trovato at
Mon Mar 21 20:43:04 UTC 2016

Hi All,

I had a properly working Edubuntu LTSP-pnp 12.04 with thin and fat client.
After a normal "apt-get upgrade" with great disappointing I discovered that
now it's upgraded at 13.04 (I don't know why!).
Now I'm in panic, since the old client image (that I've saved) doesn't boot
(it remains on Edubuntu logo), and with the new client image the desktop is
empty with black menu bars.
In fact it seems not the Gnome graphics and in the syslog I see:

"eduserver gnome-session[10079]:

*CRITICAL: gsm_manager_set_phase: assertion `GSM_IS_MANAGER (manager)'
failed""eduserver gnome-session[10079]: Gtk-CRITICAL: gtk_main_quit:
assertion `main_loops != NULL' failed"*
Any help is greatly appreciated!
Thank you!
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