Hangs and slow LTSP PnP Thin Clients

Giacomo Trovato giacomo.trovato at gmail.com
Wed Jan 20 13:46:40 UTC 2016

Hi Alkis,

I come back on this...
To have better performance with my poor hardware has sense to use a more
light desktop environment or install Xubuntu/Lubuntu on my server?
Does your LTSP work on other Ubuntu derivatives?

Thank you!

2015-11-26 10:29 GMT+01:00 Alkis Georgopoulos <alkisg at gmail.com>:

> Don't follow any wiki links for localapps.
> ltsp-pnp already has all the applications locally in the "chroot".
> You can try to launch a browser locally by running:
> $ ltsp-localapps xterm
> and then inside the xterm
> $ firefox
> ..but you'll see that 256 MB RAM is too little to run a browser locally.
> Also Geode support in Linux is pretty lame, and it's frequently a cause
> for crashes.
> Try netbooting a desktop PC, something with e.g. 2 GB RAM and > 2000 score
> in cpubenchmark.net. It will automatically boot as a fat client, the
> browser will run locally and flash performance will be fine.
> It's time to upgrade your clients to fats. :)
> On 26/11/2015 10:06 πμ, Giacomo Trovato wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I've an LTSP PnP classroom with 10 Alix2d13 thin clients (AMD Geode LX
>> 500 Mhz, 256 MB ram) .
>> The server is an Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1220 v3 @ 3.10GHz, 4 GB ram.
>> I've two main problems:
>> - sometimes the thin clients hang without any message (especially with
>> graphic applications); could be an hardware or a software problem
>> related to Geode drivers? How I can check if I have the proper Geode
>> driver installed?
>> - the users complain about low Internet performances when all clients
>> use game with flash. The server doesn't seem overloaded; I do not think
>> a problem related with Internet bandwidth (it's around 6 Mbps). Could be
>> a problem related to an overload of thin client? Could be useful to
>> install a proxy or install Firefox as local app on thin clients?
>> Thank you for the answers!
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