Edubuntu menu editor and profile manager

Alan O'Dannel aoddev at
Fri Sep 11 23:54:15 UTC 2015

Does anyone have any experience with the Menu editor and profile manager in
Edubuntu? I'm setting up a few PC's running Edubuntu for my wife's
classroom. I would like to hide a majority of the menu items for a kids
account that I have created.
I am able to modify a menu and save the menu. I can assign the modified
menu to the kids group using profile manager. When I login to the kids
account the original (full) menu is displayed. I've searched the web for
information and haven't been able to find anything more than I already
know. I have tried posting the question on the Edubuntu IRC channel without
any success.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you,
Alan O'Dannel
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