Keyboard problem on LTSP

Giacomo Trovato giacomo.trovato at
Thu Dec 5 07:07:45 UTC 2013

I'm working with ltsp-pnp (Edubuntu 12.04.3) with Raspberry PI as thin

I have a strange behaviour on Firefox (v.25.0).
The first time that an user runs Firefox, the keyboard is set as English,
even if all the keyboard settings are Italian; if he closes Firefox and
then reopens, the keyboard is right (Italian).
The same behaviour I have on gedit. All the other applications work

I'm trying some sort of debugging; I've set on my lts.conf
SYSLOG_HOST= but I don't see syslog packets on the server
(testing with tcpdump).
Do I have to set something else?
After changing lts.conf do I have to rebuild the image?

Then I have this process on every users "socat
cafile=/etc/epoptes/server.crt,interval=60,f ..." that tries connecting to
an external IP; It's related to epoptes even if I have removed epoptes

In attachment my lts.conf.

Thank you very much!

Giacomo (Italy)
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