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Donald Dirks didirks4help2wa at
Fri May 25 02:38:38 UTC 2012

I am a new user of Edubuntu 12.04.  Have installed it on three machines but
only one worked out of the box.

Problem no 1:       With the other 2 machines the *installation does not
complete * goes thro all the steps and then hangs on the window that
has *"Install"*
in the grey bar at the top;  in fact this is the window that says *"Who are

This is the window that asks for your name/the user name and the password.

The only choices that gives is  BACK   and CONTINUE.    When i click on
Contiue nothing happens.

Why does this window not close?

Problem no 2:       when I close the above window, and click on Start LTSP
live  it seems to go thro the motions but again does not close the box
"Configuring LTS"

Problem no 3:  Then when I do a PXE boot connected to the server it goes
thro and ask for  a user name....etc... I just log in as guest but then it
gives me a window with 4 graphics and everything is garbled, ubreadable.

Can anyone help me please.

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