Creating a school computer lab with edbuntu and ltsp

Jeremy Schubert jschubert at
Tue May 22 17:14:34 UTC 2012

Thank you all for your advice.  

I'm thinking in terms of running this as a computer lab for the whole school, not just per classroom.  So I might have five to ten groups running though the lab all in one day.

I was thinking of 30 clients, 15 pointing to one lstp server and 15 pointing to another (to improve performance).  And I'd like to redirect the users home drives to another file server on the system to make it easier to swap out ltsp servers if necessary.  I'd also like to be able to control user profiles so that when  they're client boots up they only have the option of logging in with Gnome 3 (for example) and any changes they make to the desktops and profiles (other than saving data to their home directories which would be redirected on another file server) would be reset on logging out.  And although they wouldn't be allowed to make permanent changes, I'd like the ability to make changes on they fly.  And I'd like the ability to effect changes at a granular level, May the grade 5 class could could have access to these programs and icons while the grade 7 class has access to a different subset. and I'd like to be able to carry out all of administration/tasks centrally.  

Reviewing what I said, I guess that I asking for a linux/edbuntu solution comparable to a Windows Server 2003 domain set up using Active Directory and Group Policies.  So maybe I'm in the wrong listserve here?  Can anyone please suggest and alternative resources?

Thanks, Jeremy Schubert
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Hi All,

I have not configured locall applications since my thin clients are
very poor: Geode 500 Mhz, 256 Mb RAM without disk.
They are Alix3d3 (

2012/5/21 Richard Doyle <rdoyle at>:
> On 05/21/2012 09:00 AM, Quynh Vu Do wrote:
>> Hi,
>> 2012/5/21 Giacomo Trovato <giacomo.trovato at
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>>     Hi All,
>>     I'm running Edubuntu 10.01 with 10 thin clients in a school.
>>     I started with 3 GB on the server, but when thin clients surf the
>>     web with Firefox (and Flash) they sometimes hanged.
>> I had the same problem. It was solved by setting Firefox to run as
>> localapps on the thin client instaed of on the LTSP server :
>> It makes a night and day difference with the same amount of RAM on the
>> LTSP server : no more slowdowns and freezes when not running localapps.
>> My config is 4 GB RAM, with a Quad-Core, running a network of 12-14 thin
>> clients (512 Mb RAM).
> And video is much smoother in web browsers run as local apps.
> Our classroom has a quadcore server with 4 GB RAM, 18 thin clients with
> 2GB apiece, running google chrome as a local app.
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