Creating a school computer lab with edbuntu and ltsp

Jeremy Schubert jschubert at
Mon May 21 00:03:51 UTC 2012

Hello there,
I'm used stetting up school computer labs in the following fashion:  
1. A group of client computers running windows xp or 7
2.  A widows 2003 server with 
- 2 NICs
- lots of ram
- a system partition 
- a hidden partition for log files 
- a data partition for users
- a partition for ISO files and programs that have to eunn from the server. 
3.  Workstations joined ro the domain forcing users ro login with domain credentials. 
4. Roaming or
mandatory profiles. 
5. Group polocies to enforce certain settings

I'd like to try the same thing with edbuntu and ltsp. So , basically, can I
1.  Instal edbuntu on a box with lots of ram and partitions (raid5?)
2. Then install LTSI
3. Then star the work stations  on PXE mode to connect to the server?
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