Thunderbird issue

Donaldson Jeffrey jdonaldson at
Wed May 9 18:59:07 UTC 2012

Good Afternoon All,

I have two users that had Thunderbird open when the server crashed to 
the point I had to hard reset it. After it came back up I cleared the 
lock files in the users home directory preventing it from opening. It 
opens now, but it will not close cleanly. You can select File->Quit or 
click the "X" and Thunderbird will disappear, but if I check top, the 
process continues to run. It doesn't seem to want to release the lock 
and .parentlock files. If I manually kill the process, they go away and 
the user can then reopen. I'm using Thunderbird 11 running LTSP on 
Ubuntu 10.04. Any one have any ideas or suggestions how to fix this? It 
has become a pain to have to come in each morning and kill lingering 
processes for users to work normally. I google searched and haven't come 
up with anything that works. Any ideas are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Jeff Donaldson
Newark Charter School

Jeff Donaldson
Data Services Manager
Newark Charter School
(302) 369-2001 ext:425
jdonaldson at

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