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Just to add what Mike has been explained .....

Previously (cmiiw) Edubuntu have Net Nanny for parental control in the
default repository so it was built in in the default instalation, but I
don't know why this feature disapear now.

But don't wory, you could used OpenDNS (http://www.opendns.com) for that
purpose. It just a simple thing that you could do. Just change the DNS
Server setting of your computer to point to the DNS Server on OpenDNS.

You could learn how easy to use it by visiting the web site. I hope this
will solve your problem.
Have a nice try .....

On Fri, 2012-04-27 at 20:32 -0400, Mike Biancaniello wrote:

> Edubuntu should fit most of your requirements except maybe the
> parental controls.  
> 1)  Most users are by default not going to be able to delete or edit
> critical operating system files.  This is the standard out of the box
> config.
> There are also ways to further lock down what parts of the system
> users are able to access like what shows up on menus, etc.
> 2) The install guide is very simple and intuitive; just accept the
> default values.  The default install works great.
> 3) Every user on the system has his/her own 'home' directory that
> stores all preferences, etc.  Other users do not have access to
> edit/delete anything in another user's home directory.
> You can set up a shared directory.  I usually create a directory
> under /opt/ and then create symlinks (similar to shortcuts on a
> Windows box) in each user's home dir to point there.
> For sign-in, if you just install Edubuntu on a single machine, then
> you get a list of users.  You can click one, type in your password and
> you're in as that user.  If you sign in from a thin client (optional
> LTSP install), you have to type in your username and password.  There
> may be a way to change that and instead present a list, but I haven't
> figured it out.
> 4) Desktops can be customized for each user.  My kids (4-11) use
> Edubuntu daily.
> 5) The admin user (the user created during install) is allowed to
> install software that all users can use.  Edubuntu comes with a lot of
> great kid software and you can find more in the Ubuntu Software
> Center.  This is *very* easy to navigate and use.  And the best part
> about Linux is that when newer versions of software come out, your
> computer can be upgraded automatically!
> 6) Linux is unfortunately lacking in this area (Parental Controls).  I
> keep all of our computers in a main room so that I can monitor what
> they do online anyway.  You can also get access to browser history so
> you can find out if anything inappropriate was browsed; you just can't
> preemptively block the sites to prevent someone from accidentally
> stumbling upon something.  It is best to sit down and educate the kids
> on how to search for things.   e.g. Explain that going to
> 'scorpions.com' won't necessarily take you to a page that will teach
> you about scorpions; show them a link to wikipedia instead.
> 7) Firefox and Chrome &c can already allow you to set up their
> toolbars for them.  You can also sync these to a cloud server so that
> they can have the same experience across multiple PCs.
> 8)  Well, there is a web browser . . . . 
> 9) See #6 above.
> 10) I haven't looked, but I believe that many of these translation
> tools exist especially for Spanish.
> In my house, I have an Edubuntu server and then 3 other PCs that boot
> off of it (that's the LTSP part of Edubuntu that you may have read and
> is used extensively in schools where they don't want to have to
> administer or purchase 30+ PCs for a classroom).  Kids have been
> Edubuntu exclusively for about 3 years now.
> Since the LTSP is used a lot in classrooms, it allows the 'teacher' to
> view what is on the students' destops and even take control and guide
> the students if necessary.



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