2 questions: 1 Crossover in FClients solved, 2 how many FCs can 1 server handle?

Jim Christiansen jim.c.christiansen at gmail.com
Fri Sep 9 03:34:32 UTC 2011

OK.  I have Crossover running a win app from inside a fat image.  I just
wanted to say how I did this, although the process may be easier on another
clean edubuntu ltsp install.  My server has been installed by students last
year and had been a sandbox and I may have some issues, that I haven't
sorted out yet, with perms on the 1st user's account that wouldn't allow
publishing of a working private bottle.  Dunno...  :)

What I was able to do is copy a working Managed bottle into the chrooted
cxoffice "support" folder then have each user, inside a booted fat client,
make a private working copy of it from the Crossover/Config/Manage Bottles/
menu.  I've tested the procedure in several student accounts and it seems to
be a persistent working app.

So the other question, now that I have the system flying along nicely, is
how many fat clients can one server handle?  Right now I'm running 26 fat
clients and they are all really hauling along at an amazingly fast speed.

I either need to install another Fat LTSP server for our library, or just
hang the 26 library boxes onto my network for a total of 52 fat clients.  Is
this possible??  I guess I'll have time to check next week but I'm wondering
if someone here already knows if a 1 ghz network can do it, maybe, or no

Thanks for the help everyone,  Jim
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