Help! 10.04 LTSP configuration using only one nic

Jim Christiansen jim.c.christiansen at
Wed Sep 7 18:21:57 UTC 2011

Hi David,

OK then.  I spent $300 of our non-existent budget money and just bought 4 1
gig switches and borrowed 2 others.  I started off with the 2 borrowed
switches and things were so dramatically better I bought the other 4.  The
computers all boot quickly and maybe our troubles have been resolved by just
upgrading the switches.  It seemed a few people felt that gig lans were
necessary and this I could check out quickly.

I may still have some wierd issues with the iptables commands so I'll need
to sort out what is going on there.

Logons work quickly but Openoffice takes an uncomfortable length of time to
start.  Is this lag- starting programs- typical with fat clients?

Thanks everyone for the help.

Soooo...  onto my last hurlde.  Does anyone know how to publish a bottle
using Crossover, inside a fat client image???   I have one splendid old CAD
package I use that I've always run using Crossover and I still need to get
it up and running.

Thanks again

On Wed, Sep 7, 2011 at 10:33 AM, David Groos <djgroos at> wrote:

> On Sep 7, 2011, at 10:35 AM, Jim Christiansen wrote:
> Good morning, David.  Thank you for the help and any ideas.  My clients are
> (year 2006) Dell GX620s with 3.6 ghz p4s and all with 1 gig ram.
> Better than anything I've got!
> I've never used two nics in any of my other LTSP setups as I had always
> kept them behind IPCOP firewalls.  I haven't had to apply iptable rules for
> years and really don't understand what the 1st history command, #49, is
> doing.  There is no mention of eth0 or what ever.
> I don't know who Alkis is, but is he running his setup on a 100 megabit
> lan?  Could the fat image be slimmed down I wonder?
> If you ever visit either irc:  #edubuntu or #ltsp during the hours of 6 AM
> and Midnight or beyond, Greek time, you probably have seen 'alkisg' there,
> and if you have asked for help either place, chances are good that he spent
> a good bit of time helping you.  He's both a dev and a teacher.
> About the fat image being slimmed, he runs regular Ubuntu (I just asked him
> on the #edubuntu irc).  About the server he says:
> alkisg:For fat clients, any 5 year old pc with a bit of ram + disk will do
> [5:17pm]alkisg:The network speed is the greatest asset there
> [5:17pm]alkisg:For thin clients, you need cpu, ram, network, etc etc
> [5:18pm]
> [5:20pm]alkisg:So, if he has some money to spare, tell him to go for 3 gb
> ram + 2 pci-e gigabit nics for the fat server.
> [5:21pm]
> :(for fat server)
> I've just talked to the VP and he says that money is tight to purchase gig
> switches.  I had been thinking of yanking the 20 100 mbit switches and
> swapping in new gig switches.
> There really needs to be at least 1, gig port, to connect the switch to the
> server.  alkis says of their setup:
> alkisg:We use switches either with 1 or 2 gigabit ports, or full gigabit
> switches
> I'll be in a pickle here pretty soon.  Thanks again,  Jim
> Good luck!
> David
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