Sabayon errors when I try tweaking Google Chrome

David Groos djgroos at
Wed Sep 7 16:18:25 UTC 2011

Hi Todd,
sigh... Managing students' computer-choices on classroom computers is, I
think, currently the biggest un-met need of teachers using Edubuntu.  Back
when Hardy/Jaunty was coming out, sbalneav and others worked very hard to
bring sabayon up to working and it did work very well in Jaunty.  It was
GREAT!  When I upgraded to Lucid I found that it didn't work and sbalneav
was no longer working with Edubuntu so I stopped using it.  As explained by
Jordan M., the design of Sabayon is inherently complex and difficult to

Then, Edubuntu Menu Editor came around thanks to many, especially Marc G. at
Revolution Linux, effort. I wasn't able to get it to work but I think that I
didn't try hard enough as Marc is right there to help as needed to make it
work.  I'm not sure of it's current status but I would recommend giving it a
try especially because of Marc's support.  Check here: for more

I always encourage people to join and post to all 3 lists because each list
has specific and not always overlapping expertise, thus also include:
edubuntu-devel at,  ubuntu-education at  So,
might want to post to more lists to get a wider audience.

To manage classroom computers I tried iTALC for many many years (well, 2.5
years but it seems more) with little satisfaction and then sch-scripts, a
series of scripts that do much of what iTALC does, reliably and more
responsively.  Sch-scripts is pretty much in beta mode if you aren't a Greek
school for which they were designed, but they work well enough for me at
this time.

I'll be interested to hear how you end up addressing this need--please post
your experiences to the list.  I too will probably be trying to set up
edubuntu menu editor soon, as well.  Will share what I find out.

David G

On Mon, Sep 5, 2011 at 9:03 AM, Todd O'Bryan <toddobryan at> wrote:

> When I try saving a profile after doing some tweaks to Google Chrome, I get
> the
> A fatal error has occurred.  You can help us fix the problem by
> sending the log in /etc/sabayon/sabayon-debug-log.conf to
> error message. Unfortunately, there is no such file. In fact, there's
> just a profiles directory in /etc/sabayon.
> Any ideas how I might debug this or anyone have suggestions about how
> to customize users' experiences without Sabayon?
> Thanks!
> Todd
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