How to speed up the Edubuntu thinclient and how to create multiple user on the Edubuntu server

Jeff Brown jeff at
Mon Nov 14 07:55:55 UTC 2011

Thanks for the tip!

I'll give it a go. The workstations are P3s with 256Mb RAM, but  
hopefully they should work.

On 13 Nov 2011, at 9:13 PM, Matt Johnson wrote:

> On 12 November 2011 22:22, Jeff Brown <jeff at> wrote:
>> On 12 Nov 2011, at 10:11 AM, jigmet mingur wrote:
>> I know Tux-'x' is responsible for that, mostly, and is so slow it's  
>> unusable
>> with more than 2 people using it at a time). But do give  
>> compression a try.
>> I think it makes a noticeable improvement for browsing and general  
>> work.
>> (Aside: does anyone know of a decent touch-typing program that  
>> isn't as
>> bandwidth intensive as Tux?)
> Would your thin client hardware be up to allowing local apps? We run  
> Tux Paint this way, which means that the thin client hardware  
> resources (memory) are used. Really slick and gives LTSP  
> environments great scalability, taking load from the server. We do  
> this for Firefox (and Flash) too. And for TuxMath and Hydrogen.
> (Although on 10.04, I'm pretty sure I didn't have to copy the  
> 'wrapper script' it's talking about.)
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> Matt
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