sound suddenly stopped working

Lee Harr missive at
Tue Mar 29 21:10:53 UTC 2011

>> When I try to play a sound, I get a message in .xession-errors
>> ALSA lib pcm_pulse.c:732:(pulse_prepare) PulseAudio: Unable to create stream: No such entity

That is only when playing from a regular thin app.
When playing from local apps there is just no sound.
That leads me to believe that the problem is in the clients.

Those should be playing the sound directly, right?

I keep a couple of the old /opt/ltsp directories around
and I've tried ones that I know had working sound, so...

>> I was also thinking of trying to go back to an earlier kernel
>> Is there another way to make sure that grub menu comes up?

> Try editing /etc/default/grub

Ok. I commented out the line

Then ran

But going back to the earlier kernel did not repair my sound

>> Am I supposed to have either /dev/dsp or /dev/snd/* on the server?
>> There are none of those.

I notice that even with the older kernel I do not have these
devices. Are these needed with the Pulse Audio setup?

Maybe there is some other module that is not being loaded.

Any other hints? I'd rather not have to reinstall ...


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