sound suddenly stopped working

Lee Harr missive at
Tue Mar 29 17:25:42 UTC 2011

> Suddenly today the sound on all of my thin clients stopped
> working.
> When I try to play a sound, I get a message in .xession-errors
> ALSA lib pcm_pulse.c:732:(pulse_prepare) PulseAudio: Unable to create stream: No such entity

Looking in /etc/pulse I see there was a recent change to
which may be the root of my problem.

Does anyone have a working they could post?

Am I supposed to have either /dev/dsp or /dev/snd/* on the server?
There are none of those.

I was also thinking of trying to go back to an earlier kernel
to see if that was the problem, but I cannot get grub to give
me the boot menu. What is the best way to get grub to pause
and let me choose from earlier kernels?


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