LTSP over wireless?

Joseph Bishay joseph.bishay at
Mon Jan 10 23:27:33 UTC 2011


I came across this link about a year ago or so, and while I wasn't
looking for how to do wireless LTSP, I thought perhaps it might be
useful so I bookmarked it.  My apologies if you're already seen it.


On Sun, Jan 9, 2011 at 11:41 AM, David Groos <djgroos at> wrote:
> My research tells me that LTSP hasn't been officially supported over
> wireless connections, but that it's possible if you put a minimum kernel on
> a flash drive, and initiate the boot from there, though this then isn't
> really an LTSP system.  I see some comments on forums and list-archives but
> many are from years ago.
> Since I don't know all of the technological underpinnings of all of the
> involved systems, I'm asking those of you who do know these technologies (or
> enough to weigh in): have wireless boot possibilities changed with the
> advances of wireless and networking and hardware and Ubuntu?  Is wireless
> thin/localapp/fat client/drbl on the horizon?  This is important to know as
> it opens up many options.
> Thanks,
> David
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