Questions about Edubuntu and Ubuntu in Arabic

Jack ODonnell jodonnell at
Mon Aug 22 17:27:23 UTC 2011

I volunteer with the World Computer
Exchange. and

Our nonprofit organization installs Ubuntu 10.04 and the
edubuntu-desktop package on computers that we refurbish and send to
classrooms in emerging countries

We are considering our first Arabic language installation and find we
have many questions.

1) How complete is the Arabic language packages for Ubuntu?
2) Does OpenOffice(LibreOffice) have Arabic language packages available
3) Do any of the games/educational packages in Edubuntu perform in
4) What practical advise can you pass on to a volunteer staff which is
largely non-Arabic speaking as they go about installation?

Your input is appreciated


Jack ODonnell
Chicago Coordinator
Content Project Manager
Regional Manager for Latin America     Technology + Education = Potential
          Connecting over 1 million youth to the resources of the

What WCE’s 700 volunteers and 25 global Strategic Allies now deliver:

      * Technologies: refurbished computers & other equipment 
      * Network: thousands of grassroots groups in 71 developing
      * Capacity Building: planning, fund raising, public relations,
        building partnerships 
      * Content: pre-loaded about: education, agriculture, health,
        environment & culture 
      * Tech Support: online & onsite (eCorps) troubleshooting, training
        & upgrading 
      * Training: online & onsite iEARN teacher training in educational
        use of internet 
      * Recycling: responsible disposal of toxins in computers 
      * Exchanges: university & school faculty, students, curriculum &
      * Deployment: shipping logistics for technologies for economic
      * Incubating: entrepreneurial development projects in solar, water
        & recycling

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