Add menu item not working (using LTSP)

David Groos djgroos at
Wed Oct 27 13:47:29 BST 2010


A program that's very important to the other teachers and my own classroom
use is CmapTools <>.  It has it's own
graphical install but doesn't add itself to a menu.  I've made a launcher
(that shows up on my own desktop) and CmapTools works great as a localapp
(doesn't work well as a thin client app).  I've worked to get this launcher
in all users menu using "How To Add an Item To The GNOME Menu For All
" which is clear and I can follow, but even though I can accurately follow
it, I can't get the menu item to show up in the menu.

Would someone in the know look at that tutorial and see if they see a flaw
in it--maybe it needs a tweak for 10.04?  Maybe a tweak for LTSP?

Since I couldn't get it to work, for myself I finally made a launcher, put
it in a shared folder, had students, 'drag and drop it' onto their desktop,
open properties/permissions, check 'executable' box and then they could use
it.  But that takes valuable science learning time and there are practical
problems (students absent, etc) so I really need a simpler solution before
the other teachers use it.

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