Wiping donated computers for recycling question

Theo Schmidt theo.schmidt at wilhelmtux.ch
Fri Nov 19 10:19:12 GMT 2010

M. Fioretti schrieb:

> Er... sorry, maybe I'm missing something here but... are you saying
> that there are still banks that do NOT thoroughly, professionally
> erase by themselves all the hard drives of all the computers they
> dismiss, BEFORE those computers even exit the bank? Because if that's
> the case I don't want to ever have an account at those banks! No,
> seriously!

Wher have you been these last years? :-) Seriously, let's take any business. For 
them it is a case of incurring no further cost when donating hardware. The time 
to wipe the drives would cost them, so they will either rip out the hard disks, 
which also costs and just delays their problem, or donate to somebody they can 
trust, e.g. a school who assures them, that they will wipe the drives and not 
just quick-format them. Therefore this is an important point for securing such 


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