VS: Life after LTSP

Jarkko Joensuu jarkko.joensuu at jarvinet.fi
Fri Nov 12 11:12:58 GMT 2010

How about fusion of both (perhaps on same media)? I think they are not
competitors. Both have it's own place.


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Aihe: Re: Life after LTSP

09.11.2010 10:01, Odin Nøsen kirjoitti:

> Go DRBL! :-)

I have about 100 HP t5xxx 'real' thin clients. I have to stick with LTSP.

But I tested first(!) time DRBL after reading these messages. DRBL is
great for new powerful hardware, indeed.

Here is HP Mini 2133 as a 'Fat Client' for DRBL. Login is by OpenLDAP


Odin - tell me. How did you build system of DRBL and LTSP in same network?
Some guidelines?

Best Regards Asmo Koskinen.

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