recommend a disk setup for LTSP install?

Nicolas Roussi nroussi at
Wed Mar 31 17:11:18 BST 2010

I would recommend a single cheap SATA drive for the OS and a RAID 5 for
/home. I am running 2 servers that serve 30-35 clients each. On each server
I have a Seagate 750GB 7.2k for the OS. When the drive craps out and it has
in the past, I just reinstall the OS and I am ready to go. As for the /home,
I have been trying to get the teachers and students to trust this OS that
they have not used before in their life and therefore I needed redundancy
for their data. A 15-disc MD1000 raid array did the trick that is shared
over NFS between the 2 servers. I had data discs die in the past and the
MD1000 rebuilt the array in about 4 hours. Think about the cost also; 4 SAS
300GB for RAID 5 @$330 ea is ~$1300 and another 2 SAS for the OS in RAID 0
or 1 another $600. Total of ~$2000 just for drives. If you go the SATA
option, it's just $50 a pop.
Take a look here as well: a nice visual
representation on RAID levels


Hi all,
> I have come to the conclusion that my single 7k sata disk is too slow to
> serve
> 25 plus LTSP thin clients. I see high disk writes accompanied by high
> CPU wait time.
> My mobo supports SAS. I am wondering what the optimal disk setup is
> with regard to speed. Can I get
> away with a single 10-15K SAS drive or should I be looking to setup
> raid 5, 6, or 10? How about
> two disks, a sata for the OS and a fast SAS for /home/ /tmp ?
> I'd appreciate some advice!
> Thanks!
> John

Nicolas Roussi
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