Gavin McCullagh gmccullagh at gmail.com
Sat Mar 6 10:11:30 GMT 2010


On Sat, 06 Mar 2010, Yves Pennec wrote:

> I have shifted to Linux-Ubuntu.
> Problem : can't read videos with Firefox or Chrome. I have found some
> sofwtare (like Adobe Flash Player) but I am totally unable to install it.
> Can anyone send me a detailed step by step procedure ?

Generally in Ubuntu, the way to install software is using the "Synaptic
Package Manager" under the System->Administration menu.

1. Start Synaptic (you'll probably be asked for your password).
2. Click search and enter "flashplugin-nonfree"
3. If it finds it, you need to right-click on it and click "Mark for
   installation".  On the toolbar, click "Apply".  The package should
   download and install itself.
4. If the package isn't found, you might need to click
   Settings->Repositories and tick the boxes to enable the "universe" and
   "multiverse" repositories and click "apply" on the toolbar.

> On windows it was so easy.

When you change operating sytem you'll naturally find things are a little
unfamiliar.  In Ubuntu, packages are generally installed using the package
manager.  This may seem a little unusual, but if you explore the program,
you'll see how powerful it is.  In that one program you download, add and
remove all software in the Ubuntu archive (which is a very large amount of


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