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Anthony Luscre mo_luscre at
Tue Mar 2 18:48:26 GMT 2010

We currently have 3 LTSP labs running ranging in age from 3 to 6 years old.
Everything has been way toooooo slow!!! over last 18 months, so we are
planning on redoing it all.

I am trying to decide on a few items:

   1. What to use for thin (or fat) clients so that Firefox and OO can run
   fast enough to satisfy users. I am thinking of using either the Intel dual
   core Atom D510 & motherboard with 2 GB of RAM or Intel dual core Atom 330 &
   motherboard with 2 GB of RAM (my top budget per client must be under $265
   each and must be new not refurb units according to directive from
   Superintendent and Treasurer)
   2. Do I need to run fat clients, to get good performance (there will be
   approximately 35 clients per server with Gigabyte switches.
   3. What do I need server wise? My current newest server is a three year
   old HP Operon Quad processor with 13 GB of RAM.
   4. What version/distro of software should I install on server, that is
   stable but still has newer features?.

Anthony A. Luscre
Director of Technology
Mogadore Local Schools
mo_luscre at
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