Anyone know how to set AutoSave globally in openoffice

john lists.john at
Tue Mar 2 00:31:49 GMT 2010

Hi Scott,

> Oh, you have no idea how I've struggled with this.

I saw you having a similar conversation in 2001. I can imagine you are
well sick of OO weirdness.

> I've taken it upon myself to try to solve this.  There was some stuff in the
> old Pessulus for 1.1.x OpenOffice that accomplished some lockdown functions,
> and setting globals.

> See:

Looks good.  Is Pessulus becoming the new front end from Gconf setting
for LTSP users?

> I haven't had a chance to get to it, but post-Lucid, it's one of the things
> I'll be looking at.

Awesome. Hope it makes it way into a Lucid back-port in the future as well.

I appreciate your work. You must hold some kind of record for LTSP


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