Applets fail to load -- huge drag!

David Groos djgroos at
Thu Jul 8 02:17:41 BST 2010

On Jul 7, 2010, at 4:33 PM, john wrote:
> Finally I just gave up and repaved the system. That's a pretty
> disappointing thing to have to do but I'd already spend enough time
> scouring the web and looking on the ubuntu bug tracker. Luckily my
> /home is on a separate drive and partition so it was fairly trivial to
> do the rebuild.
Sorry you had to do the re-install.  I learned my lessons last summer  
when i spent MANY dozens of hours setting up the server.  This  
summer, every time I get to a major stage in the setup (major to me,  
perhaps trivial to another), I make a quick copy of the entire hard  
drive.  I've already had to re-image the hard drive once this summer  
but it was a simple deal :-).

> p.s. I am sorry to see these lists so quiet, we need to be a resource
> for each other.
On that note, if anyone installs Edubuntu from the live CD would you  
check this page and make improvements such as extra considerations or  
improve wording etc?  The more the instructions are reviewed and  
improved, the more reliable and useful they will be to beginner  
Edubuntu/LTSP people.   Also, I just finished an initial draft of  
adding LTSP to a basic Edubuntu install: "InstallingLTSPlucid".   
Again, if you need to do this process or are willing to do a test of  
the page in a VM, please do so and improve it so others with less  
knowledge than yourself can benefit!



> Thanks again, I appreciate your help!
> John
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