Do you upgrade your chroot?

Andy Figueroa figueroa at
Mon Jan 4 01:36:42 GMT 2010

Good question.  I've had a small seven client LTSP computer lab running 
for about 18 months now.  It's running on Hardy (Ubuntu 8.04).  I have 
upgraded the chroot several times just to keep up-to-date for the sake 
of security.  (apt-get update then apt-get upgrade following the 
instructions in the Edubuntu handbook)

Since you asked the question, I've just done it again a few minutes ago 
- good timing - since school starts back again tomorrow after the 
Christmas holiday.

I was surprised to see that the last time I did this and rebuilt the 
image was in February 2009.  The old i386.img was 291954688 and the new 
image is 350814208.  No apparent issues. Tomorrow we'll see if the 
clients boot all right.  :-)

I'm using/booting kernel vmlinuz-2.6.24-23-generic although -26 has been 
installed during regular updates.

Andy Figueroa

john wrote:
> Hi all,
> Sometimes I see a patch come down the the pipeline that makes me
> wonder if I should be updating the file that lives in my chroot (the
> recent tzdata file patch, for example). My normal practice is never to
> update my chroot (on the "if it ain't broke..." principle), although I
> do sometimes add software (most recently ntp for cron powered
> shutodowns) to the chroot image.
> My understanding is that one of the big reasons for the move to LTSP5
> was to integrate the native package management features into the
> chroot environment under the theory that folks really wanted to keep
> those environments up to date.
> So my question is: do you upgrade your chroot? Why or why-not?
> Thanks!
> John

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