Looking for recommendations: simple GIMP

antonello facchetti antonello.facchetti at alice.it
Fri Feb 19 18:21:17 GMT 2010

David Groos ha scritto:
> Hi Antonello,
> I'm getting stuck at:
> 1  crop to show just image and caption/annotation.
> 2  export just the cropped area as a jpg.
> Any ideas?
> David
I made a quick test.
I created a presentation, inserted an image and a caption; then made 
some experiments.
I just used two buttons in the drawing toolbar (my indication may be 
inaccurate as I'm working with the italian version of OpenOffice, thus  
translating  the names of the tools): the crop tool is the last  one in  
the drawing toolbar, and the colour button (the third one) for 
I cropped the image, and resized it to fit to the slide. Then I exported 
the slide as a png and the result was the expected cropped and captioned 
The limit is that the exported file has the resolution of the slide: 
1058x794. In fact if I resize the image and make it wider than the slide 
and export it I get it "auto-cropped" to 1058x794.
Maybe your problem is that you use the "save as an image" command from 
the right-button contextual menu on the image: this one only saves the 
image in its original shape and dimension. You must use the "export" 
command in the file menu.


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