Smart Board Software--anyone used it?

Veli-Matti Lintu veli-matti.lintu at
Thu Feb 18 15:22:09 GMT 2010

to, 2010-02-18 kello 09:59 -0500, David Hopkins kirjoitti:

> On Thu, Feb 18, 2010 at 9:31 AM, Veli-Matti Lintu
> <veli-matti.lintu at> wrote:
>         Installing the software in chroot requires some manual work as
>         it is
>         installed using the graphical installer instead of a deb
>         package. The
>         Essentials for Educators package is also quite big in size, so
>         we
>         installed it on an nfs share instead of chroot to get the
>         image size
>         more manageable.
> Are there any tricks/difficulties that need to be documented about
> this?  We (NCS) are looking at Smartboards, probably for next year.

The process of doing the installation in chroot has meant so far
installing it first on a normal workstation, entering the serial number,
finding every single file the installer installed or modified and
placing them under the chroot in the same places.

We have been waiting for the linux version of the new 10.6.xx.xx version
to see if the process is any different now. I can try to document the
installation process once it arrives.

Veli-Matti Lintu

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