Smart Board Software--anyone used it?

Veli-Matti Lintu veli-matti.lintu at
Thu Feb 18 14:31:55 GMT 2010


We have been running the SMART Notebook version on ltsp fat
clients. There have been some issues with the kernel drivers in standard
Hardy kernels, but newer kernels work better. Otherwise the experience
is pretty much the same as otherwise with the linux version of SMART
Notebook - text recognition is missing and flash objects are lacking,
but it is quite usable.

Installing the software in chroot requires some manual work as it is
installed using the graphical installer instead of a deb package. The
Essentials for Educators package is also quite big in size, so we
installed it on an nfs share instead of chroot to get the image size
more manageable.

Veli-Matti Lintu

to, 2010-02-18 kello 07:50 -0600, David Groos kirjoitti:
> Hi All,
> Has anyone used the smart board software for Ubuntu with thin clients?
> How well does it work?  Run as localapp?
> Thanks,
> David

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