IGEL Thin client won't login

John Ingleby johnin at rsskl.org.uk
Mon Feb 8 15:11:14 GMT 2010

At school we've just upgraded two thin client servers from the
CentOS-powered K12ltsp (incorporating LTSP 4) to the Karmic Koala's
LTSP 5. The result is generally well received, although there is some
work to remove what appear to be spurious error messages during thin
client boot up

However, the IGEL 2110-LX Smart thin client doesn't login any more. It
worked perfectly under K12ltsp, and boots up the Koala's LTSP login
screen, but on entering username + password the monitor goes blank for
about 30 seconds before returning to the login screen.

Another thin client connected to the same server works fine. Also, if
I select an "xterm" session on the IGEL before logging in, the device
goes ahead and presents a usable Xterm.

A possibly related question: Clients on both servers are assigned the
same names "ltsp100", "ltsp101", etc. even though our DNS servers
assign different name ranges. Where are these names coming from?

I've Googled and searched the Forums to no avail. Can anyone here shed light?

Thanks in advance

John Ingleby
ICT Teacher
Rudolf Steiner School
Kings Langley,
United Kingdom

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