advocacy for austria

uwe uwe.geercken at
Sat Feb 6 07:55:08 GMT 2010

hello gerhard,

I am an IT guy and teaching Linux at our local school once a week. I am
using edubuntu.

I believe the best way is that you write to the list when you have
problems, technical questions or such. the many users will always help

I am not a edubuntu guru. I am using it and I have setup and maintain a
system. I help where I can, so if you need my specific help that is not
a problem. I am living in germany at the swiss border, so we are not so
far apart.



Am Freitag, den 05.02.2010, 11:15 +0100 schrieb
gerhard.oettl at
> Hello
> There is movement in bringing foss into austrian schools. A group of existing 
> local distributions - linuxadvanced (debian-based), desktop4education 
> (suse-based), slix/sliss (ubuntu-based)- tries to build a common portfolio.
> There is interest in including edubuntu, if there exists a person that could 
> advocate edubuntu - beeing contact for technical and promotion questions.
> gerhard

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