Whiter Edubuntu? [was: Re: Applets fail to load -- huge drag!]

Jonas Gauguin jonasgauguin at gmail.com
Mon Aug 9 16:05:32 BST 2010

I was studying to become a teacher (funny you mention it;)) and wrote a
project about Edubuntu. I still scan the mails now and then, but has gotten
alot less time to write comments or even help. IT in Denmark still hasn't
figured out why to use GNU/Linux distros (read: the have their ass up
Microsoft!!) and so I'm stuck (now as IT-consultant) with the Win

I must say that if you deliver a good & understandable question, this group
usually gives good answers!

I use the new Ubuntu distro to do my work, whenever possible (writing on it
right now!) and I love the new cloudfunction - needs abit XOS polishing but
it works OK for me..... :)

Jonas Gauguin, gisac.biz

2010/8/9 Theo Schmidt <theo.schmidt at wilhelmtux.ch>

> john wrote:
> ...
> > p.s. I am sorry to see these lists so quiet, we need to be a resource
> > for each other.
> I am also a bit astonished at the low volume of this list. Not that I need
> any
> more messages, but I would have thought that this list is the main
> (personal)
> resource for people using Edubuntu worldwide; are there so few of us?
> Theo Schmidt
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