OpenLDAP authentication

Asmo Koskinen asmo.koskinen at
Thu Oct 29 14:44:42 GMT 2009

Todd O'Bryan kirjoitti:

> I will happily write all this up when I get it working and can
> replicate it. (I need to use it on three servers, so I'll have to have
> instructions that work.)

I try my own howto tonight with my own howto for LTSP-Cluster on KVM-server.

That OpenLDAP howto was for 8.04, so I'll try to check what happens when 
using 9.10 all the way - can I use my own howto ;-)

I'll try this kind of setup.

ltsp-root01 = Ubuntu Server 9.10 AMD64
ltsp-appserv01 = Ubuntu Alternate 9.10 AMD64
ltsp-openldap = Ubuntu Server 9.10 AMD64 (with /home over NFS)

Best Regards Asmo Koskinen.

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