Network issue on a cloned server

David Groos djgroos at
Sun Oct 4 20:46:20 BST 2009

Hi All,

I believe that cloning, 'golden servers' from one machine to another can be
an effective implementation strategy for educators who are novice Edubuntu
users advocate FOSS.  It certainly plays an important part in my strategy in
introducing and developing Edubuntu's use here in the Minneapolis Public
Schools.  While there are undoubtedly other solutions besides simply
cloning, this is simple and familiar to me.

Hopefully it is simple.  I'm having a problem on the cloned machine dealing
with network settings.  Besides /etc/network/interfaces, what other file or
files do people think that I need to look into and maybe adjust to get my
server functioning with a new static ip address for the WAN-side NIC while
keeping everything else the same?  The server is serving thin clients using

As always,
Thanks for your efforts and support,
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