why is firefox such a CPU hog?

john lists.john at gmail.com
Mon Nov 16 22:27:46 GMT 2009

Hey Scott,

> Is it *just* youtube videos that's causing the problem?  If so, you can try
> something that I've been recommending to people:
> 1) Install greasemonkey (it's in the repos)
> 2) Install the hqtube greasemonkey script:
> http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/24999
> There is a minor bugfix needed in the discussion forum for the script.

It's a bit of both actually. The kids are defiantly youtube users but
many of the teachers here are embracing google apps in a way that they
hadn't last spring when I put this box in place.

> Or, alternatively, I've had good luck with viewing flash videos using gnash.
> However, installing the gnash plugin will make it so that ALL flash apps go
> through gnash.  Testing would be required to make sure that it works for all
> your use cases.

Right. I'll take a look at that approach. I guess I would uninstall
flash-nonfree or whatever it's now called and install flash. That's
defiantly worth a look.

> One of the things that I recently commented on in the #ltsp irc channel is,
> when ltsp4.2 came out, flash was a luxury that most teachers didn't want,
> simply because they didn't want kids fooling around.


> Now, a scant 5 years later, it appears to be pretty much manditory.  Until
> either Adobe makes it's app more "multiuser" friendly, or flawless Free
> SOftware alternatives come to the fore, yes, we're back in the hardware arms
> race.

Yeah, I guess I didn't really start feeling it until this year, but
Adobe really seems to have the web working its way.
Thanks for your insights.


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