why is firefox such a CPU hog?

john lists.john at gmail.com
Mon Nov 16 21:53:30 GMT 2009

Hi David,

> The development of localapps has saved the day for my class/curriculum.
> Firefox and CmapTools work quite well as localapps using PIII and PIV
> computers with no more than 512 MB RAM.  I can't say enough good stuff about
> what they let me do.  Localapps IS the reason I upgraded to Jaunty.

I have installed Karmic and messed about a bit with Firefox as a local
app. I am hopeful but a couple of things make me cautious:

1) Ideally I'd like to wait for an LTS that has local apps, but I
don't think that's due until next spring
2) I am uncomfortable rolling out a new LTSP out mid-semester
(although I may have to) since I may be exchanging one set of problems
for another considering Karmic is pretty green. I have enough custom
stuff going on on top of the base ltsp/ubuntu install that I building
a box isn't trivial.
3) Even with 512m ram my thin clients processors are too wimpy to deal
with flash well. So I am currently vetting an upgraded thin client. I
am sad to see that LTSP users are back to being engaged in a hardware
arms race much like the one I thought i left behind when I went to
thin clients. C'est la vie...

> I'll too help you make the move to Jaunty--I can't say number of hours on a
> thing like this (alas, one never knows), but it is worth it if you need cpu
> hogs as tools for your students.  If I can help let me know as well!

Thank you very much (and Joseph as well) for your generosity with your
time. I may end up bugging you!



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