Too much network activity?

Steve Rippl rippls at
Sun Nov 15 15:57:26 GMT 2009

On Sat, 2009-11-14 at 10:31 -0600, David Groos wrote:
> Seeing Jim's e-mail about his computers being slow to log on is
> motivating me to re-post to this previous post.  I'll repeat that
> since the last few weeks, students have to wait maybe 2-4 minutes for
> their log on process to finish.  I don't think it's worse in the
> afternoon though--students are less patient at that time it seems.  
> I haven't added new software to my LTSP server except for regular
> updates.  I've had System Monitor on the last week a good bit.  2
> things draw my attention, the first I already mentioned that there is
> a lot of network activity even when only 1 TC is booted.  The other is
> that the 4 CPU's seem to be maxing out for a few seconds then go to
> around 60-70% about for 5-10 seconds, then again max out for a few
> seconds.  When they peg at 100% it appears that's when another TC or 2
> will get further logged in.  I'm not sure about how much logging in
> happens during that maxing out period, but that is when the logging in
> process seems to get furthered.
> I went to the logs, looked at a few but didn't know where to look and
> nothing really jumped out to me.  Any thoughts about how to further
> troubleshoot this?  Might be related to Jim's TC problems, too, anyone
> else experiencing this?
> Thanks,
> David

Are the users on Network homefolders or local to whichever server they
log into?  What specific processes are hogging the resources?  What
version of Ubuntu?

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