smbldap - where to start?

John Hegarty jhegarty at
Sat Nov 14 14:59:10 GMT 2009

The last time I set up an Ubuntu server that would handle Windows & Apple
clients as well as Linux thin clients I used the smbldap installer detailed
here It was a few years ago and it
worked fine. (Thank you to the folk who developed and supported this at the

Support for this seems to have discontinued. I am now looking to do the same
on a new server but I'm having problems. I tried using the documentation
have fallen at the first hurdle. After installing - which gave no
messages - I tried what is in the documentation

> Use *ldapsearch* to view the tree, entering the admin password set during
> installation or reconfiguration:
*ldapsearch -xLLL -b cn=config -D cn=admin,cn=config -W olcDatabase={1}hdb*

It says to use the password set during installation - During
installation I wasn't asked to set a password. Anything I try returns

ldap_bind : Invalid credentials

I'm wondering

1. Can anyone suggest how to fix the above problem
2. Is there better documentation or a better way to have single sign on for
a network with Windows, Linux and Apple clients linking to a Linux server?


John Hegarty,
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