Ubuntu 9.04 LTSP working on 30 clients but soooo slow to logon

Jim Christiansen jim.c.christiansen at gmail.com
Fri Nov 13 15:27:57 GMT 2009

Well, I even have my really old non-pxe computers booting as clients using
etherboot now using the our new/old classroom server.

The problem is that logging on takes about 3 minutes on 25 computers.  5
other slightly newer boxes log on much faster ( but still on the slow side )

This shouldn't be so slow, I'm sure.  My old K12EL5 setup had the logons go
at lightspeed compared to this.  Are there any ideas about what is going on?

I'm using one nic on the server and I don't think my networking is messed
up.  I have not added client workstation numbers to the /etc/hosts file...
Is this necessary?

Thanks,  Jim
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